Everdome, the new metaverse experience – leveraging a high-tech, immersive, and hyper-realistic virtual environment, is announcing that their new token, DOME, will officially be listed on OKX.com on the 8th of January. 

Everdome is a new metaverse project, founded by Metahero CEO Robert Gryn, envisioned as a destination where the next generation of ultra-realistic 3D avatars and real-world scanned objects get a lease on life and interaction.

OKX, which has over 250 digital assets and has long held the top rank for cryptocurrency futures trading volumes, recently became the second largest cryptocurrency spot trading platform in the world. It brings a wealth of experience listing top performing tokens, with a reach that only a handful of exchanges in Crypto have, helping Everdome go global.

Everdome Metaverse Coin

The move follows the project’s recent completion of its successful pre-sale events, which were exclusively available for HERO (Metahero’s token) holders, followed by a second pre-sale on Tenset Gems Platforms.

Everdome angles to be the hyper-realistic metaverse across the entire landscape of web3 projects, ultimately helping to define the internet experience of the future. People, brands, and organizations that are looking to showcase themselves or their products in the highest quality will make Everdome the place where they can truly demonstrate their experience.

Commenting on the announcement, Rob Gryn, CEO and Founder of Everdome & Metahero, said:

Launching our token on OKX will place DOME firmly on its trajectory towards mass adoption as well as will bring the bandwidth that aligns with our aspirations for Everdome - providing that initial spark and putting Everdome as a leader in the metaverse projects, and the entire crypto world.