As gamers in the Middle East are increasingly interested in NFT (Non-Furtherable Tokens) games that offer opportunities to compete and earn, the beta version of the AoM game “Ankots of Misteria” has been launched on the Huawei Cloud computing platform. It is a new combat game that provides a different experience for users by giving them the opportunity to show their individual skills, compete and overcome challenges within various game modes for a chance to win many rewards.

The new game has a unique style based on the single-turn strategy used in auto-fighting games such as Team Fight Tactic, which is based on the web 2.0 system and is very popular. Featuring in-game characters, virtual lands, and combat equipment such as non-fungible tokens that intelligently connect with game details, the new game offers a multitude of gameplay and competition skills. It is the latest game series to be launched and designed with the full support of the leading Huawei Cloud platform, which provides flexible cloud servers, cloud computing databases, security, software, development services and customized solutions for specific scenarios to customers around the world. It is also an ideal platform for complex games that have a lot of graphics.

After completing the task of developing the game, the company responsible for publishing the game, AoM, is looking forward to making it available to 10 million users globally within a short time from the official launch of the game. Players all over the world can download the game through APKs which are supported across multiple platforms in line with app store policies, so the game can be played on iOS, Android and Mac web systems.


The Polygon ecosystem provides great support to the project, as it invests in this type of games through Dow Polygon studios, and Ankots of Misteria is in talks with Yield Guild Gaming's IndyGG in India to invest in and participate in the marketing of the project. The game received a lot of attention from the important stock markets, as it bought property rights from investors and made them available to its user bases.

AoM promises to provide a continuously enhanced gaming experience and highly rewarding in-game rewards thanks to its 100 game developers with extensive experience in strategy and role-playing games. The company also plans to periodically update the gaming experience, focus on the community, and support model for asset transactions based on blockchain technology, which will be developed soon.

The Huawei Cloud platform provides Internet-based companies and organizations with great potential to achieve digital transformation thanks to its diverse resources. As a global leader in providing ICT infrastructure and smart devices, many game publishers such as AoM choose Huawei as their partner in realizing their digital vision.

Frank Day, President of Huawei Cloud Business in the Middle East, said:

Games are very popular in the Middle East, especially the profitable games that are experiencing rapid growth in the region. With its diverse resources, the Huawei Cloud platform provides many opportunities for developers that are suitable for We look forward to contributing to the enhanced gaming experience that the game provides by collaborating with AoM Inc. We will continue to support non-fungible token game publishers by providing our global ICT expertise and creating more games to enhance The gaming sector in the Middle East in the future