European automaker, PEUGEOT, has launched its new Ramadan themed campaign “To Traditions That Live Forever” highlighting how adding a modern twist on old traditions can turn time around, slow it down, and bring people together through new experiences and ways of celebrating the Holy Month.

“To Traditions That Live Forever” celebrates the month of Ramadan with an online film that aims to show viewers that old customs still have their own special part in modern day life. It stresses on the age-old Ramadan traditions of the Misharaty, the name given to people who walk around residential areas beating a drum to wake people up for Suhur. 

PEUGEOT “To Traditions That Live Forever" campaign

Through the touching story, PEUGEOT aims to remind viewers about the importance of turning time into quality time and the importance of bringing loved ones together, re-forging old bonds and most importantly enjoying the Holy Month as a family.

For more than 200 years, PEUGEOT has strived to find the perfect balance between innovation and heritage, and has only evolved over the years thanks to remembering important lessons from its past. This is why this campaign is so special to the brand as it continues to push forward into the future.

The “To Traditions That Live Forever” campaign is now live and will run until May 2nd, 2022, across digital platforms. 

Rakesh Nair, Managing Director for European Brands at Stellantis Middle East, said:

Ramadan is a very special time of the year that reminds us to gather with loved ones and break fast as one. Through this campaign, we wanted to highlight that there are some traditions that are too important to be allowed to slip into the past. At PEUGEOT, our mission of turning time into quality time led us to create a story about how a simple gesture and a modern twist on an old tradition can help turn time around, while also bringing people together.