Huawei Tech Investment Saudi Arabia recently announced an all-year round educational discount across its online shopping platform. Aimed to support students and teachers with the advantages of its high-end technologies, the new discount campaign will actively contribute to the overall strengthening of Saudi Arabia’s education sector. The first of its kind for Huawei in the Kingdom, the new campaign is a part of the brand’s strategy to serve the community and support social responsibility. 

The latest products available in the discount, ranging from wearables, monitors, and tablets to full-fledged laptops, will provide its users with powerful performance, long-lasting battery life and dedicated features to optimize and enhance their learning experience. The initiative comes as a part of Huawei’s community focus and its goal to assist students and educators in Saudi Arabia to have the latest in technology to further fuel their educational journey. 

As part of this new campaign, students will have the opportunity to get their hands on Super Device products, Huawei’s smart office setup, at highly discounted rates. Aligning with the initiative’s goal of supporting the Saudi education sector, the integration of the Super Device into students’ and educators’ processes can provide significant boosts in efficiency and productivity, as well as new ways to learn, for what it offers in features. 

Huawei Saudi Arabia Student Discount

Huawei’s Super Device system allows for the merger of multiple Huawei devices together where functions between several devices such as laptops, phones, and tablets can be shared. Students can enjoy increased productivity by forming a Super Device using their PC and monitor, for example, using features such as Multi-screen collaboration that enables them to connect tasks between the two devices. They can also best use the Super Device for their creative tasks by connecting their PC to their smart tablet. 

How to Activate Huawei’s Educational Pricing

Huawei’s educational discount is applicable to students and their parents, institution faculty, staff, and teachers of all grades. Simply use code ‘ASTUDENT’ when placing an order and get up to 5% discounted on all eligible products. The special educational discount will be running all-year round across Huawei’s e-shop.

Keith Li, Huawei Tech Investment Saudi Arabia Vice President, commented on the initiative, stating:

Today’s education industry is growing at a rapid transformation pace, which is fueled by the latest in technology. This has raised a requirement for students and educators to be better equipped while being able to adapt quickly and efficiently. This new initiative plays into this requirement and helps create a focus towards creating better education resulting in a better basis for employment of youth in Saudi Arabia.