Leading sexual wellness brand MysteryVibe introduces two new devices: the Tenuto Mini and Legato at the IFA 2022. These vibrators will join MysteryVibe’s award-winning line-up – Crescendo 2, Tenuto 2, and Poco – and are currently available for pre-order. MysteryVibe’s booth is located at IFA NEXT, Hall 20, Stand 140.

Tenuto Mini is a compact and lightweight version of Tenuto 2, MysteryVibe’s innovative wearable vibrator for penises to help get erect, stay erect and improve intercourse. It combines the user and expert feedback from 50,000+ Tenuto and Tenuto 2 users and creates the most user-driven product in MysteryVibe’s lineup yet. Like Tenuto and Tenuto 2, Tenuto Mini is a wearable vibrator that delivers targeted vibrations all around the penis to create stronger, longer lasting erections and stimulate the partner at the same time. Unlike previous Tenuto devices, Tenuto Mini consists of the front stimulator without the back one, making it ideal for users with sensitive scrotum / perineum or health conditions for whom the larger Tenuto 2 may not be appropriate. 

Tenuto Mini is ideal for: those looking for stronger, longer-lasting erections; couples looking for stimulation for both during intercourse; and; users looking for a device that stretches to fit their body without having to worry about size and fit.

MysteryVibe launches Tenuto Mini and Legato at IFA 2022

MysteryVibe’s second new offering, Legato, is a first-of-its-kind labia vibrator designed to deliver complete external stimulation all over the labia and vulva and help with arousal, especially for those experiencing arousal disorder.  

External stimulation is a crucial component of female arousal, with 9 out of 10 women being unable to reach orgasm through penetration alone. However, most devices focus on internal stimulation or external stimulation by targeting the clitoris alone. Internal vaginal stimulation and clitoral stimulation can be painful to many women experiencing dryness or hormonal shifts. Legato offers an alternative solution by delivering 360 vibrations all around the labia and vulva to create arousal and lubrication for pain-free intercourse. 

Legato was designed for both solo pleasure and partnered intercourse. The central part of Legato is created to be wide enough to allow penetration, so the user can continue to have stimulation during sex making sex not only pain-free but also highly pleasurable. 

On September 6th at 12:30pm local time, Dr. Rakshit, will present the results of a recent study that was published in the highly esteemed Journal of Sexual Medicine, a first for a vibrator in the field of genito-pelvic pain & penetration disorder (GPPPD). MysteryVibe’s flagship body-adapting vibrator, Crescendo, delivered a 5X improvement in pain scores in a medical study on GPPPD – an unprecedented result