EZVIZ excites the IFA 2022 showroom with its immersive, eye-catching booth where the company presents a wide range of smart home products and solutions. With the event theme “Reliably Simple, Incredibly Smart,” EZVIZ unveiled its latest advances in security cameras, home sensors, door locks, smart vacuum cleaners and robots, and more. Visitors can also get the first taste of some simple-to-use devices that focus on home networking and control, quality of life, and personal health.

The EZVIZ booth features five major interactive areas, and visitors can take an interesting smart home tour to see how EZVIZ’s new products fit at the front door and in the living room, the dining area, and the baby’s room. They can also try out devices remotely with the EZVIZ App, testing the products’ real-life performance.

A glance at EZVIZ’s first-ever product launches at IFA 2022 :

- AI-powered Battery Baby Monitor 1

- HB8 Outdoor Pan & Tilt Battery Camera

- Smart DIY Door Lock with Outdoor Keypad

- Smart Home Sensor Kit (PIR motion sensor, open/close sensor, water leak sensor, temperature & humidity sensor, smart button, and home gateway)

- RH1 Smart Cordless Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner

- RS2 2-in-1 AI Robot Vacuum & Mop

EZVIZ product launches at IFA 2022

EZVIZ launched a series of next-level cameras during the event, including the first battery-powered Baby Monitor 1 and the first batter-powered outdoor pan & tilt camera HB8. Both products echo the company’s transition from building “security cameras” to designing “smart home cameras” – they are AI-powered, energy-efficient, easy-to-install, and deeply smart home-integrated. They not only provide peace of mind, but further facilitate smart companionship and distant communications for various types of families who live with pets, kids, grandparents, or all of these. With a wide selection of both wired and battery-powered Wi-Fi cameras presented at IFA, EZVIZ aims to provide ultra-flexible buying options for homes at any budget.

Moving from smart security to smart living, EZVIZ unveils two levels of innovations to wow the audience. The company expanded their security lineup with a number of smart entry products, including its first ever DIY smart door lock and the brand-new home sensor kit. (Both products have won Red Dot Design Awards for exceptional integration of functionality and user-friendliness.) Powered by EZVIZ’s unique smart linkage technology, the locks and sensors integrate with EZVIZ cameras to build an interconnected security system to maximize protection from the outdoors to the indoors. Such robust system capacity is achieved with surprisingly minimal effort from the user. The new smart door lock needs only a fast and simple installation to the existing deadbolt without drilling or dismantling any parts, and the sensors only require peel-and-stick installation to go nearly anywhere protection is needed. A good internet connection and a mobile phone with the EZVIZ App provide users with all they need for a safer home.

EZVIZ takes a giant leap outside of the security category, hoping to satisfy more diverse demands for an easier home. EZVIZ revealed for the first time its smart cleaning lineup, highlighting its first Smart Cordless Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner, the RH1, which is now available to the European market. The RH1 cleans even the stickiest stains to restore the sparkle on all types of hard floors, and then self-cleans its roller brush for effective sanitization. The company also showcased the RS2, its first 2-in-1 AI-powered Robot Vacuum & Mop, with an on-site test cleaning. Offering a 100% hands-free cleaning experience, the RS2 uses its AI detection capabilities to auto-switch between vacuuming and mopping tasks, and automatically installs, changes, and self-cleans its mop pad.