OPPO has today introduced the newest addition to its A series family of smartphones, the OPPO A98 5G,  A98 5G is featuring a flagship-level battery performance with 67W SUPERVOOC charging, a large 5,000mAh battery, and OPPO's Battery Health Engine. Furthermore, equipped with an incredible 120Hz Silky Smooth Large Screen, RAM Expansion technology, and the latest ColorOS 13.1, A98 5G delivers an incredibly fast and smooth experience from start to finish. 

OPPO A98 5G is available in two color finishes —Dreamy Blue and Cool Black. Both finishes are brought to life with the iconic OPPO Glow process to create a beautiful shimmering crystal effect and fingerprint-resistant finish. Weighing around 192 g and measuring about 8.2 mm in thickness, the handset also features a 3D Curved Back Cover for a reliable yet comfortable grip in a visually thinner body. Having passed six major tests designed to measure resistance to physical drops, water, radiation, climate damage, repeated small drops, and signal stability, A98 5G is built to stay stylish and durable.

Designed to go all day, OPPO A98 5G is equipped with one of the best configurations in flash charging and battery in its price range. Upgrades in flash charging and battery mean that OPPO A98 5G can be charged to 100% in just 44 minutes using 67W SUPERVOOC TM, while a 5-minute charge is enough to enjoy 6 hours of phone calls or 2.5 hours of typical YouTube video viewing3. The 5,000mAh battery4 can provide up to 39 hours of phone calls, 16 hours of YouTube video viewing, or 8.4 hours of gaming on a full charge to deliver a long-lasting, smooth smartphone experience all day. After a full charge, the battery can also last for up to 17.5 days of standby with the Always on Display.


Furthermore, A98 5G is also equipped with OPPO’s Battery Health Engine, allowing the battery to maintain 80% of its original capacity after as many as 1,600 charging and discharging cycles, thus keeping the battery performing at close to optimal capacity for up to four years of use if charged once per day on average.

OPPO A98 5G features a 6.72-inch display with a flagship-level 120Hz Ultra High Refresh Rate. With its high refresh rate, the display delivers a much smoother and more responsive experience, no matter whether users are scrolling Instagram or playing the latest games.

Featuring the Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 695 5G Mobile Platform, the OPPO A98 5G provides powerful and reliable performance. OPPO A98 5G is equipped with 8GB RAM and 256GB large ROM of storage and supports up to 1TB SD card expansion. With OPPO’s RAM Expansion technology, the phone’s RAM capacity can convert up to 8GB of unused ROM storage into temporary RAM, doubling the amount of RAM available.

On top of its high performance, A98 5G also passes the 48-Month Fluency Protection tests7 conducted in the OPPO lab. Recording an average aging rate of less than 10% after four years of daily use, A98 5G offers a 4-year guaranteed fluency compared with the previous generation of A series phones.

With its advanced 64MP AI Camera, 32MP Selfie Camera, 2MP Depth Camera and 2MP Microlens, OPPO A98 5G provides photography enthusiasts with an entirely upgraded photography experience to unleash their creativity. The phone is also equipped with other impressive features like Portrait Mode, AI Portrait Retouching, Selfie HDR, AI Color Portrait, and more that deliver stunning, high-quality images in a wide range of situations.

With up to 40-times magnification, the Microlens offers exceptional detail when exploring the microscopic world beyond the naked eye. Users can now dive right into the microscopic world to uncover a whole new perspective on life, exploring more secrets behind everyday objects.

Market Availability

OPPO A98 5G will be available in Dreamy Blue and Cool Black from 1/6/2023 .   The 8GB RAM + 256GB ROM model will be priced at 1299 SAR on the OPPO website or retail stores