With over five years in the market, REDMAGIC, the well-known gaming smartphone, and now a PC gaming peripherals brand, has released its latest flagship series, the REDMAGIC 8S Pro series. The "More than esports, Energize your Game" REDMAGIC 8S Pro and REDMAGIC 8S Pro+ are an all-in-one gaming devices with a 93.7% screen-to-body ratio, two sets of RGB lights with 16.8 million colors, and new 3D micro-etching design available for two iterations. Powered by the latest version of the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 with a 24GB and 1TB memory combination, a monster memory that can easily handle any game.

The REDMAGIC 8S Pro series provide exceptional stability and smooth gameplay in popular games like King of Glory and Peace Elite. This is made possible by the enhanced ICE 12.0 cooling system, which effectively regulates the temperature during gaming sessions. With low battery consumption and extremely high power boost its battery life can sustain heavy gaming for up to 9 hours and 3 minutes from 100% to shut down according to REDMAGIC Lab results.

The REDMAGIC 8S Pro is available in different versions with varying specifications. The Midnight edition is available with 8GB and 256 GB, 12GB and 256 GB, and 12 GB and 512 GB. The Aurora edition comes with 12GB and 256 GB, 12GB and 512 GB while the Platinum edition is available with 12GB and 256 GB or 12GB and 512 GB. At the same time, the REDMAGIC 8S Pro+ is also available in various specifications. The Midnight edition with 16GB with 256 GB or 16GB with 512 GB. The Aurora edition comes with 16GB and 1TB GB. Additionally there are versions with 24GB with 1TB GB, 16 GB with 256 GB or 16GB with 512 GB. Lastly the Platinum edition comes with 16GB and 512 GB.


The new REDMAGIC 8.0 operating system has been improved with more than 1000 optimizations to provide a smoother user experience by 30%. Plus over 30 new functionalities, an enhanced data watch function, and REDMAGIC’s X Gravity Platform, this operating system is purposely designed for a seamless gaming experience.


A High-Performance Device with a Strong Cooling System

The latest version of the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 is equipped with a TSMC 4nm process and features a CPU mega-core frequency running from 3.2GHz to 3.36GHz, as well as a GPU frequency from 680MHz to 719MHz. Also, the CPU and GPU dual boost, in combination with the LPDDR5x and UFS 4.0 with 256Gb up to 1TB RAM.

These flagship gaming smartphones boast the ICE 12.0 cooling system which includes a 3D ice stage double pump VC, under-screen graphene, shark fin high-speed centrifugal fan, full penetration duct, and an aviation aluminum frame. The 10-layer heat dissipation system features ultra-soft high thermal conductivity rare earth material, under-screen copper foil, high thermal conductivity gel, composite graphene, and superconducting copper foil, making it one of the most efficient and strongest heat dissipation systems.

The upgraded ICE 12 cooling system enables a temperature drop of 17°C even with the increased frequency of the latest Snapdragon 8 Gen 2. Also,according to the internal tests made by the REDMAGIC Lab, showed that the phone maintained a temperature of only 41.2°C after a full 30 minutes of running at high performance.

With a massive memory capacity from 256GB up to 1TB storage available, the REDMAGIC 8S Pro series has been tested and results from the REDMAGIC Lab showed to maintain an average frame rate of 60.0 frames per second while running high quality mobile games like Hongkai:Start Dome Railway in OPENGL mode when running a PS simulator with its split-screen feature. Its outstanding performance makes it perfect for multitasking, gaming and running multiple apps simultaneously.

New Screen and Design Suitable for Gaming and Daily Use

The REDMAGIC 8S Pro series has a new design through the 3D micro-etching process available in Midnight and Platinum editions. All three editions of the two flagship devices have the new hardware includes optimized cooling air ducts and body textures with an increased area of cooling materials and a specific metal top cover design only for the Aurora editions.

Both devices have the latest UDC technology and boast a screen-body-ratio of 93.7%. The 6.8-inch AMOLED screen has a refresh rate of 120 Hz and a peak brightness of 1300 nits. REDMAGIC and BOE's R&D teams collaborated to create a screen suitable for gamers that has color accuracy of △E <1, a 10-bit color depth, a DCI-P3 100% wide color gamut, a resolution of 2480 * 1116, and supports 1440 Hz PWM high-frequency dimming and DC dimming dual eye protection dimming. The device is lightweight, weighing only 228g and has a thickness of 8.9mm, making it easy to hold with a 960 Hz touch sampling rate..


Delivering an ultimate gaming experience thanks to the 960 Hz touch sampling rate enabling gamers to react faster and achieve winning strikes. Also, the device’s gaming optimized design includes a 3.5mm headphone jack that has no in-game sound delay when using wired headphones for gamers to enjoy an immersive experience without any sound lag. With three microphones, this series is designed to provide excellent sound quality regardless of the player’s posture while gaming in landscape mode. Both devices have a screen-to-body ratio of 93.7% is another feature that sets apart with its four ultra-narrow edges. With left and right bezels as narrow as 1.48mm, lower bezel (chin) 2.28mm, and upper bezel (forehead) 1.68mm, provide a more immersive gaming experience.

Optimized Game Space with 520 Hz Shoulder Triggers for Game Glory

This series comes with the Red Core 2, a gaming chip that enhances the user's gaming experience. The chip allows for customization of shoulder keys, vibration, light and sound effects, and smart scene recognition algorithms. It efficiently links multiple controls, making gameplay more immersive. The Red Core 2 chip, paired with the latest version of Snapdragon 8 Gen 2, makes for a powerful dual-core combination that improves performance and control.

The REDMAGIC 8S Pro series features 520 Hz shoulder triggers allowing over seven customizable settings in the game space center. With a touch sampling rate of 960 Hz and a 1ms response speed, players can efficiently execute complex operations with just one click. The shoulder triggers are made using a nano-injection molding process and can endure over 2 million clicks. And have an anti-sweat algorithm and ergonomic design, providing a precise touch response that makes mastering the game a breeze. Equipped with dual X-axis linear motors, the 8S Pro series smartphone can provide precise positioning through high voltage linear drive. When combined with the Red Core 2 chip, it can recognize game scenes and create a more immersive experience by integrating haptic feedback with game content. It supports over 200 types of vibration effects and can customize vibrations for in-game firearms and carriers. This feature is especially useful for players of the popular game Peace Elite.

The gaming lights have a wide range of color options, including 16.8 million colors and 4096 levels of brightness. All editions feature two sets of RGB lights located behind the shoulder triggers and a centered "REDMAGIC" logo, which produces detailed and rich lighting effects that can be customized to breathe on and off according to the gamer's preference. Thanks to the Red Core 2 chip, the sound and light synchronization effect is possible, providing dazzling light and sound effects that enhance the gaming experience and make it more immersive. Moreover, REDMAGIC's Game Space provides a professional data dashboard that displays game performance, gamer moments, game shortcuts, and analysis of CPS (hand speed) and MPM (movement complexity). This dashboard helps players gain a better understanding of their battle level and make targeted improvements.

REDMAGIC 8S Pro+ Bumblebee Super Warrior Collector's edition

The Game Space also includes a SuperBase with a plug-in library that allows players to collect screenshots or text strategies to prepare for the game and access them at any time. For instance, the one-button move sequence feature enables players to set common move sequences and release move skills with one click during the battle. The game auxiliary line helps players judge the attack range and better use each skill by setting the attack range of commonly used heroes.

Regarding connectivity, these flagship devices have been fully optimized with WiFi 7, 240MHz high-frequency concurrent HBS making it 60% faster than its predecessor. It also has enhanced anti-interference capability and seven times higher bandwidth utilization. The ultra-low latency is less than 2ms which ensures a lag-free gaming experience. Also, REDMAGIC has made targeted optimization of 5G signals enabling high-speed rail mode, allowing easy access to the Internet even on the high-speed subway rail for activating the gaming mode anytime, anywhere.

Long Lasting Battery Coupled with REDMAGIC’s Energy Cube

With a 6000mAh large battery, the REDMAGIC 8S Pro boasts a battery life of up to 48.14 hours, with the heavy gaming battery life model lasting up to 9 hours and 3 minutes, according to internal tests made by the REDMAGIC Lab. The REDMAGIC 8S Pro+ boasts a large 5000 mAh battery.

Both gaming devices feature the REDMAGIC's Energy Cube, a technology that optimizes energy efficiency for all editions. It can identify users' performance scheduling and usage needs, saving more power in light scenarios and providing higher performance in heavy scenarios. The Energy Cube is not limited to gaming scenarios and can dramatically reduce power consumption for all applications while ensuring a fast response and smooth experience. The REDMAGIC 8S Pro+ has a 5000 mAh that can be fully charged in just 14 minutes with its 165W magic flash fast charging version. It is also available with a standard 165W charger. Meanwhile, the REDMAGIC 8S Pro has a 6000 mAh battery that can be fully charged in 35 minutes with its 80W magic flash fast charging version and a standard 80W charger.

The REDMAGIC 8S Pro series is equipped with a full-link charging protection system that offers all-round protection from the charger to the cable to the battery, considering various usage scenarios. It also provides charging separation technology, which enables users to charge while playing with ultra-low heat without harming the battery. The charging cable is upgraded to a copper alloy cable with better heat resistance and stronger current carrying capacity. The parallel triple charge pump technology has a charging conversion efficiency of up to 98%, ensuring extremely fast charging while effectively controlling the charging heat phenomenon.

Experience the All-in-One Daily Professional Gaming System

The REDMAGIC OS 8.0 is an all-in-one daily professional gaming system that has undergone 1,000 experience optimizations resulting in an improvement of application launches, animation effects, file processing, touch speed, and other speed improvements across the board. It includes over 30 high-demand features, including WeChat and QQ application call recording, recording to text, fingerprint one-click direct access to commonly used APP, and more. The flagship device boasts an original X Gravity platform that supports cloud gaming, host streaming, and other cross-end cross-platform gaming features. It also has an integrated host mode, REDMAGIC Studio for screen casting, peripheral direct connection, and other multi-device interconnection features, making the REDMAGIC 8S Pro a gaming smartphone, host, and handheld in one.

REDMAGIC gaming tablet, 4K gaming monitor, mechanical keyboard, gaming mouse, earphones, as well as chargers and turbo cooler accessories

The X-Gravity platform provides two options for console streaming and cloud gaming, allowing players to run console games on their REDMAGIC 8S Pro. Thanks to the powerful performance of the REDMAGIC 8S Pro and REDMAGIC 8S Pro+, console titles run smoothly. The platform integrates two interconnection features of the REDMAGIC: host mode and REDMAGIC studio (screencasting). With host mode, players can connect their REDMAGIC game device directly to their display device through the Type-C interface, without requiring any other devices or software.

REDMAGIC's screencasting function boasts almost zero latency 120Hz wireless screen casting. It is a comprehensive upgrade of the REDMAGIC screen casting, breaking through the smartphone's resolution limitations. With this function, users can cast 2K/4K HD sources to ultra-high-definition large-screen devices and even directly launch 4K ultra-high-definition videos through HDMI or DP. The smartphone can also be used as a remote control panel, allowing for touch control of the large screen without disrupting other normal phone operations.

The REDMAGIC peripheral control system is equally impressive, with fast identification of all peripheral devices for connection and global identification of connection pop-ups. It also offers preset mapping schemes, custom intelligent spell-casting keys, and vibration keys, making it one of the most potent peripheral connection systems for mobile devices in the industry today. This system allows users to play mobile games with PC peripherals, offering a seamless and comprehensive gaming experience.

Powerful Multimedia Experience: Camera and Sound System

Featuring a Samsung GN5 ultra-sensitive camera as the primary camera, it has 5000W pixels and a 1/1.57-inch outsize base, providing great focus speed, dark light shooting, and HDR. The triple camera combination also includes a wide-angle and macro lens, offering users more photography options. The REDMAGIC 8S Pro series also boasts a high-fidelity sound system with 1115K + 1216 large ultra-linear dual speakers and a closed BOX structure, delivering excellent bass sound and a strident stereo sound experience. With a dual smart PA and DTS Ultra X surround sound technology certification, this device offers an immersive wide-area sound and surround sound experience.

With a Snapdragon Sound certification, the REDMAGIC 8S Pro series lets users enjoy 96KHz lossless sound for high-level sound quality, voice communication, low latency, and connection stability. It is designed to provide an exceptional multimedia experience to gamers worldwide and has an advanced Neovision photography engine and a strident sound system. The REDMAGIC 8S Pro series are made for more than esports but to elevate gaming experiences because its advanced gaming features caters to the needs of serious gamers and are available for daily use needs as well.

A special edition of the REDMAGIC 8S Pro+ has been announced, called the REDMAGIC 8S Pro+ Bumblebee Super Warrior Collector's edition. This limited edition will be available for purchase in early August and will come with a 16GB + 512GB RAM capacity.

Alongside the REDMAGIC 8S Pro series, REDMAGIC has also released its new line of gaming products, which includes a gaming tablet, 4K gaming monitor, mechanical keyboard, gaming mouse, earphones, as well as chargers and turbo cooler accessories.

Price & Availability in China

In China, the series were announced and are available for pre-order from July 5th, 2023 and officially available for purchase from July 11th, 2023 with the following prices:


Midnight: 8GB + 256GB at ¥4399;

Midnight & Platinum: 12GB + 256GB at ¥4799; 12GB + 512GB at ¥ 5499;

Aurora: 12GB + 256GB at ¥4999; 12GB + 512GB at ¥ 5699;


Midnight 16GB + 256GB at ¥5499; 16GB + 512GB at ¥ 5799

Platinum: 16GB + 512GB at ¥ 5799;

Aurora: 16GB + 256 GB at ¥ 5699; 16GB +512GB at ¥ 5999; 16 GB + 1TB at ¥ 6999; 24GB + 1TB at ¥ 7499;

Bumblebee Edition: 16GB + 512GB ¥ 6,499 (available from August)

International Version of REDMAGIC 8S Pro:

Announcement: July 18th,2023

Early Bird Offer: July 25th, 2023

Open Sales: July 27th, 2023