SCOSCHE Industries, a leading innovator of award-winning consumer technology and accessories, and the #1 Mount Brand, is pleased to present its extensive collection of Apple compatible accessories for the new: iPhone® 15, 15 Plus, Pro and Pro Max; Apple Watch Series 9, Ultra 2 and SE; and AirPods® Pro 2nd Generation

At their Wonderlust event yesterday, Apple revealed its latest line up of new devices, all featuring USB-C connectors. Apple announced that going forward the same USB-C cable can be used to charge your MacBook®, iPad®, iPhone, AirPods and Watch. StrikeLine™ Charge and Sync Cables are built from premium materials and undergo weighted bend-testing beyond industry standards. The StrikeLine cable range includes: Premium, Right Angle, Heavy-Duty, and 6 ft. extension cables and comes in USB-C to USB-C, USB-C to Lightning, and USB-A to Lightning options, in a range of lengths from 4 to 10 ft.

New to the StrikeLine line-up is the adaptable StrikeLine HH (HammerHead), an MFi-certified, 2-in-1 charge and sync cable (shown above) that works with both USB-C and Lightning devices. The patented design features a sliding mechanism that allows only one device (either Lightning or USB-C) to be connected at one time, ensuring all of the power/data travels to the appropriate connector/device. 

The 4 ft. StrikeLine HH cable is available in black or white at an MSRP of $34.99.

SCOSCHE iPhone 15 Series Magsafe Accessories including Mounts, Power Banks, Portable Speakers, Chargers, and Cables

Coming soon is the high-performance StrikeLine USB4 cable that is Thunderbolt 3 compatible and supports charging up to 240W and transfers data at up to 40 Gbps. Perfect for content creators, gamers, graphic designers, and photographers, it can deliver data 80 times faster than USB 2.0, and transfer a 4K movie in approximately 20 seconds, or 300 GB of data in about one minute. 

The braided 4 ft. StrikeLine USB4 cable will be available mid-October, 2023 at at an MSRP of $39.99.

You won’t find a charger in the new iPhone 15 series box, so you may be searching for a new charger(s) for your home, office and in-vehicle. Ultra-compact and super powerful, PowerVolt™ PD Home/Office Chargers feature advanced GaN technology to quickly and reliably charge devices while taking up minimal space on a wall outlet or power strip. Available in a single port 30W model and a dual port 60W (2 x 30W), each one will rapidly charge an iPhone, iPad or MacBook Air. The dual port PowerVolt PD35 version features smart power sharing, meaning it will simultaneously charge two devices, automatically sending more power to the device that needs it most. If only one port is used, the full 35W is available to a single device.

The PowerVolt PD line of home/Office chargers is available on and at select retailers, at MSRPs ranging from $29.99 to $49.99, depending on the model.

Small but mighty, PowerVolt PD Car Chargers feature Programmable Power Supply (PPS), the latest PD specification from the USB Implementers Forum. PPS delivers a faster and cooler charging cycle for your device. Available in a single port 30W model and a dual port 60W (2 x 30W), each one will quickly charge an iPhone, iPad or MacBook Air. The dual port version will simultaneously charge two devices with no loss of power to either port. 

The PowerVolt PD line of car chargers is available on and at select retailers, at an MSRP ranging from $24.99 to $49.99, depending on the model.

PowerVolt USB-C Car and Wall Chargers

The new MagicMount™ Elite2 Magnetic Phone Mount series  is an ideal choice for people who prefer a low-profile phone mount that fits particularly well in contemporary, minimalist-style vehicle interiors. The Elite2 securely holds phones of all sizes, from an SE to a Pro Max, thanks to a built-in circle of neodymium magnets that are 30 percent stronger than those in standard magnetic mounts. These magnets align with those in MagSafe equipped iPhone® models. 

The base of the Elite2 is built from strong and lightweight aerospace-grade aluminum and its smooth-moving ball-joint allows for subtle adjustments, allowing for the perfect viewing angle for any vehicle, phone or driver. The premium materials of Elite2 complement the titanium design of the iPhone 15 Pro. Available in two convenient mounting options, the Vent mount fits most vehicle’s air vents and is easy to transfer from vehicle to vehicle, making it perfect for use when traveling. It can also be quickly removed from the vent to use as a kickstand for a phone. The Dash mount can be installed on either the top or front of a dash and comes with included automotive grade adhesive - just peel, place and stick. 

MagicMount Elite2 phone mounts in both mounting options are available now on and at select retailers for an MSRP of $39.99.

MagicMount Pro2 Magnetic Phone Mounts securely hold and display iPhone series 12 and later straight out of the box. They also hold and display iPhones series X, 11 and SE using the included MagicPlate. Pro2 mounts securely hold phones of all sizes and come in a wide selection of base mounting options including: Window/Dash, Cup Holder, Dash/Vent, Window/Dash Telescoping, and a Tripod/Selfie Stick. 

The MagicMount Pro2 series of phone mounts are available on and at select retailers, at an MSRP of $44.99.

MagicMount Pro2 - Magnetic Phone Mounts

The MagicMount Base MS 3-in-1 Wireless Charging Stand features a MagSafe compatible wireless charging/display stand - perfect for displaying your new iPhone in Standby mode, and a MagSafe charging pad to fast charge a second phone or an AirPods wireless charging case. The stand’s chrome arm adjusts to provide multiple viewing angles and also folds flat. This chrome arm also provides touch-control (on/off/dimmer) for the LED nightlight around the base of the stand. It also offers a removable Apple Watch holder (magnetic charger sold separately) with a convenient cable channel. A 15W USB-C port on the back of the stand can power an Apple Watch charger, iPhone, iPad or camera. It comes with its own 5 ft. power cord and 48W AC adapter, as well as a MagicRing™ Adapter for use with non-MagSafe devices. 

The MagicMount Base MS is available in black or white on and at select retailers, at an MSRP of $99.99. 

The MagicMount Travel – 2-in-1 Folding Wireless Charging Stand delivers MagSafe wireless charging for your iPhone and AirPods case simultaneously. Built with durable soft-touch vegan leather, the MagicMount Travel displays and charges MagSafe iPhone models and later at up to 7.5W. It offers two height/angle options to display your iPhone in landscape or portrait and can be used unfolded/flat and of course folds flat to slip into a pocket or bag. It comes with 4 ft. braided right-angle charging cable

The MagicMount Travel 2-in-1 Travel Stand will be available in Black or white in October, 2023, on and at select retailers, at an MSRP of $79.99. 

Despite the increased battery life of iPhone 15 models, sometimes you need a charge on-the-go and that’s why we designed two powerful and portable power banks. The GoBat™ MS 5K – Magnetic Wireless Charging Power Bank is a 5,000 mAh rechargeable portable power bank that magnetically attaches to, and wirelessly charges, MagSafe iPhones and cases. It also has a 10W USB-C charging port to Fast Charge a second phone or small device. It has a sequenced LED battery indicator light to show how much power is left and comes with a 30 cm USB-C to USB-C cable to use with the input/output port.

The GoBat MS 5K is available on and at select retailers, at an MSRP of $54.99. 

GoBat 10K USB Power Bank

The GoBat 10K USB Power Bank has a 10,000 mAh rechargeable battery to keep multiple portable devices powered up on-the-go, including iPhone and iPad. With dual charging ports: a 20W USB-C and a 12W USB-A, it comes with a 30 cm USB-C to USB-C charging cable. It quickly recharges and a sequenced LED battery indicator light shows how much power is left. 

The GoBat 10K is available on and at select retailers, at an MSRP of $54.99.

Last year, Scosche introduced two MagSafe compatible Bluetooth® speakers and they’ve been hugely popular, winning awards, garnering reviews and coverage from leading technology journalists. Most importantly, these great-sounding, waterproof and dustproof speakers make it possible for people to enjoy their music along wherever they go

In addition to the circle of MagSafe compatible magnets in the top of the BoomBottle® MS Portable Speaker, powerful magnets in the base hold it securely to most metal surfaces. Two passive subwoofers and two 10W speakers drive the BoomBottle’s impressive bass and crisp highs and an audio equalizer automatically adjusts for optimum sound quality whether indoors or outdoors. A built-in microphone ensures crystal clear phone calls and it’s simple to pair two BoomBottle MS speakers to deliver a true wireless stereo sound. With up to 12 hours of playtime per charge, an IP67 rating and a built-in bottle opener, BoomBottle MS is truly the go-anywhere speaker. 

The BoomBottle MS comes with a USB-C charging cable and a MagicRing Adapter and is available on and at select retailers, at an MSRP of $129.99.

BoomBottle® MS Portable Speaker

The BoomCan™ MS Portable Speaker attaches magnetically to iPhones series 12 and later, or to most metal surfaces, and also works as a convenient kickstand for your iPhone. With Bluetooth Version 5.3 for a quick and consistent connection and low latency, it delivers a rich sound, and when paired with a second BoomCan MS, provides true wireless stereo sound. With up to five hours of playtime per charge, it recharges quickly using the included USB-C cable. BoomCan MS is rated IP67 and includes a USB-C charging cable and a MagicRing Adapter.

BoomCan MS comes in black or white and is available on and at select retailers, at an MSRP of $39.99.