If you are a tech freak and internet junkie then, you must be having the idea about the technology magazine DIGIT and the online auction shopping sites. I am going to introduce brand new stuffs about these two things to you.

There are lots of online auction sites are available but most of them sell products of each and every types. So, sometimes it is a bit confusing to use them.

But, if you are planning to buy cool gadgets online then ConsumerMate.com is there for you. It is an expert buying advice for personal technology gadgets. The portal helps buyers in making informed buying decisions. The categories covered are Laptops, Mobiles, LCD/Plasma TVs, Canon Digital Camera and Camcorders. The portal is unique in its segment for the quality of in-depth content it imparts through features like Expert ratings and reviews, Consumer Support, Expert Solutions, User reviews, compare models, and interactive guide as Guru Gyan.

Consumermate helps Consumers buy what best suits them with least pain, and on best terms by providing them unbiased and in-depth insight about the products. All the stats available about the products on it are latest and authentic, like mobile phone prices. Real time SMS and email are trigerred to the customers who contact Consumermate through the Ask Us Form highlighting 3 local dealers of their city to get the best deals. Consumers can now contact Consumermate experts to answer their technical and legal queries/complaints on their gadget purchases.

And the another thing which I am gonna tell you is that Digit, the No. 1 Technology magazine has launched its shopping portal, http://shopping.thinkdigit.com/ offering you: plethora of technology gadgets to choose from, Deep discount hot deals and convenient and secure shopping at the click of a mouse. This is really a new step in online shopping in India.

So, if you are planning to buy some new gadgets then you must visit these two sites :)