ANDROID is slowly getting popularity, specially among geek and tech people. Lots of phones are available in market now based on the Android platform and they are really giving nice competition to popular platfors like Symbian. Even I am planning to buy an Android phone after joining the SAMSUNG BLOGGER MEET for SAMSUNG GALAXY S . Becauseof this popularity of the Android phones, Android applications are in great demand.
Fortunately, Android applications are easier to make and small in size. And, you can make your very own Android applications easily if you are having slight knowledge of coding and all.

Below is a video given which shows that how to make a small Android application in just few minutes.

And I would love to know if you really made or gonna try your skills to make an Android application after watching this video.... BEST OF LUCK

You can also watch this video in which creators of Android talk about their new open platform for mobile phones and the Open Handset Alliance.

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