Check Your Site's Loading Time And Improve It All of us know that some sites load faster than others. Working on a slow loading site is irritating. So, if you are a webmaster or a blogger then you must consider the loading time of your site or blog and try to improve it as it also affects the search engine ranking of your website/blog. Slow loading sites also annoys the visitors. Now, a tool is available to check the loading time of a site and compare it with an another site which can be helpful for the webmasters and bloggers., helps you to know why your web site takes longer to load, hence, you can make improvements accordingly. It also compares the loading time of two web sites, also finds out by how much one web site is faster than the other. A detailed analysis of the test can also be viewed. Thus, based on these analysis, web developers can easily make improvements for decreasing the loading time. Below is the example of the comparing of Google and Facebook and it shows that Google is much faster than the Facebook

HOW TO : Check Your Site's Loading Time And Improve It
Key Features of

- Simply type the name of the two web sites which you want test and hit the “GO” button

- Analyze the test, and see where the slower web site lacks

- Easy to use

- No registrations required

- Gives fast results

- Free to use

- Compare unlimited sites. There is no limit