Ubuntu just released the latest bersion of its OS,Ubuntu 10.10 which is available to download for the users. Ubuntu 10.10 is having lots of ew features which makes it much better than the previous versions.

Below is the list of all the highlighted features in the latest version of Ubuntu 10.10 and the link to download the Ubuntu 10.10, the latest version of the Ubuntu.

New Features in Ubuntu 10.10

1. Ubuntu 10.10 id having a redesigned and improved Ubiquity Installer which helps in the easier installation of drivers

2. Ubuntu Software Centre of Ubuntu 10.10 is having “Featured” and “What’s New” section which provide the latest info about the popular softwares available for Ubuntu OS


3. Indian Rupee symbol is also available in Ubuntu 10.10 Font Family

4. There is a new “Unity Interface” in Ubuntu Netbook Edition which makes it perfect for the small screen of the Netbooks.

5. Netbook Edition of Ubuntu 10.10 is having a launcher which help in easy launching of the most used programs and applications

unity Ubuntu

6. Ubuntu 10.10 is having improved Sound Menu to include music player control for better user experience.

7. GNOME based platforms updated to latest version in the Ubuntu 10.10

8. ”Evolution” and “Gwibber” are also updated to the latest version. Gwibber now also support “Twitter’s OAuth” now.

9. The default photo manager of Ubuntu 10.10 is Shotwell now

10. Lots of bugs of previous Ubuntu versions are fixed and improvements for Server Edition and Kubuntu is also done in Ubuntu 10.10 .

You can download the most suitable version of Ubuntu 10.10 for free from the official website. For now, Ubuntu 10.10 is available to download for Desktop, Netbook and Server.