It is a well known fact that Facebook does not allow people to use the same id to make multiple account on it. If you will try to create a new account with an email id which is already on use on Facebook then you will get a message like “There is an existing account associated with this email address”. So, if you want to create more than one account on Facebook then you will have to use the different email for each of them. But here is trick which you can use to make more than one Facebook account using a single email id.

In one of my previous post, 3 Awesome Gmail Hacks, I mentioned that you can create many email id by putting multiple dots "." in your Gmail id. The very same trick works for creating multiple accounts on Facebook using the same email.

You can also use the temporary email address for this purpose.

As you can see in the above pic, Gmail considers all of these email id as the one single account. But, Facebook considers them as different email id. So, when a person creates account with a Gmail id having dots in it then Facebook considers it as a new email and sends the Confirmation Email to create account to it which comes to the original Gmail inbox. Using this trick, you can easily create multiple Facebook accounts with a single email id.

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