Keyboard shortcuts provides great help in doing faster work on the computer and also improves the productivity. That is why, I usually share the important keyboard shortcuts for various type of works. Earlier I posted the 30 Important Firefox Keyboard Shortcuts and 24 Awesome Windows 7 Keyboard Shortcuts . And, this time I am sharing the Facebook Keyboard Shortcuts.

Facebook is the biggest social networking site and people spend lots of time on it. These Facebook keyboard shortcuts will surely help them in saving time while browsing Facebook.

Top 12 Facebook Keyboard Shortcuts

All of these Facebook keyboard shortcuts are given in the below table. These Facebook keyboard shortcuts works on all popular web browser (Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari, IE etc.) and operating systems (Windows, Mac). Just select which Facebook keyboard shortcuts will work for you and use them. Enjoy

FunctionChrome/Opera/Safari (Windows)Firefox (Windows)IEFirefox (Mac)All Other Browsers (Mac)
Compose New MessageAlt+MAlt+Shift+MNot WorkingFunction+Ctrl+MCtrl+Option+M
Goto HomepageAlt+1Alt+Shift+1Alt+1+EnterFunction+Ctrl+1Ctrl+Option+1
Go to Profile PageAlt+2Alt+Shift+2Alt+2+EnterFunction+Ctrl+2Ctrl+Option+2
Friend RequestsAlt+3Alt+Shift+3Alt+3+EnterFunction+Ctrl+3Ctrl+Option+3
Open MessagesAlt+4Alt+Shift+4Alt+4+EnterFunction+Ctrl+4Ctrl+Option+4
My Account PageAlt+6Alt+Shift+6Not WorkingFunction+Ctrl+6Ctrl+Option+6
Choose Your Privacy SettingsAlt+7Alt+Shift+7Not WorkingFunction+Ctrl+7Ctrl+Option+7
Facebook’s Facebook pageAlt+8Alt+Shift+8Alt+8+EnterFunction+Ctrl+8Ctrl+Option+8
Facebook Terms & ConditionsAlt+9Alt+Shift+9Alt+9+EnterFunction+Ctrl+9Ctrl+Option+9
Facebook Help CenterAlt+0Alt+Shift+0Alt+0+EnterFunction+Ctrl+0Ctrl+Option+0