Google Plus is a big hit now and the feature of Circles which is something similar like the Lists of Twitter is doing great for sharing and networking. When somebody adds you on one of the Circles then you get the notification but Google Plus does not provide the notification if somebody removes you from a Circle in which you were. But there is an easy solution for that.

Google Minus is a Google Chrome browser extension which let you know when somebody removes you from a particular Google Plus Circle. When you install it at that moment it saves the details of Circles in which you are and whenever you login to Google +, it checks and matches the data. And if it founds that any of the Circle you belong is not appearing then it notifies you. Its just that simple.

HOW TO : Get Notification When You're Removed From Google + Circles
So, if you want to keep track of your Google Plus Circles then you can install this awesome Google Minus Chrome extension on your browser from the Chrome Store.