The gigantic problem for all social networks is that you cannot divide your users without some consequences for everyone. What will happen when Google+ hit’s the scene? Will it become the newest popular social network and if so, what will happen to Facebook?

Social Networking – Google and Facebook

Most everyone has heard of Facebook. Everyone from kids to grandparents are online networking and socializing. Originally, it was just used by college students and other young adults to socialize. Over the years, Facebook has changed.

Facebook Follies

Some people have now stopped using Facebook simply because they find it difficult to separate business and friends. They do not want to share personal items with their business associates and vice versa. This is where Google+ hopes to take over. Google+ hopes to just be for business associations and therefore could be a huge asset.
Facebook v/s Google Plus (Funny Images)

Facebook – Good and Bad

Facebook has applications for organizing friends, but they are rigid and uncomfortable to use. In addition, it can be difficult when changes are made and people do not have access to all parts of your profile including photos. Some people actually delete their profiles and begin again, but this can also be awkward.

Google + - a new Feature

That is where I could visualize Google+ coming in. It is not that any of its features are so innovatory. It is not that it is enhanced at doing social networking than Facebook. It is that it is a prospect to begin over, to assemble your social network with years of Facebook experiences in mind. It will be a chance to separate your personal and business life and to do it better this time as you have learned from the mistakes you made using Facebook.

Facebook v/s Google Plus (Funny Images)

Change is Not Always Good

Then again, there are many people who do not like change and will not see the need for a new social network. Older people just may not want to make the leap to Google+ and may not see why they need to do so. After all, Facebook is working fine for them. In fact, many of these users originally chose Facebook over MySpace for that very reason.


Will Google+ overtake Facebook? Only time will really tell. It is possible that Google+ might not overtake Facebook but that it will become a place for people to connect professionally and that it will be something to use in addition to Facebook.

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