Google just rolled out the latest Google Sitelinks algorithm and search results display. Now the visibility of the number of Google Sitelinks will depend on the search query. The Google Sitelinks will show the text snippet from the respective sitelink, too. The maximum Google Sitelinks a site can get in the search result is 12 now, instead of 8.

And the good news is that Geeky Stuffs is already having the 12 Google Sitelinks from the very first day of this new Google Sitelinks algorithm. Check out the screenshot given below which shows the Geeky Stuff's 12 Google Sitelinks.

GEEKY STUFFS Is Having 12 Google Sitelinks Now

Most of the older Google Sitelinks of Geeky Stuffs are changed now. And I tested the Google Sitelinks using various keywords. Few of the Google Sitelinks are varying according to the keywords as stated above. It shows that more than 12 Geeky Stuffs links are indexed for the Google Sitelinks which is a bonus thing in itself.

And I just want to say thanks to all of you for your love and support. I always need it...Thank you so much