When it comes to the special visual effects and experience then the Linux and Mac are considered to be better than the Windows. Even though Windows 7 is having lots of nice eye soothing effects, you can improve it much more with the help of some software and applications.

You can have the multiple desktops with 3D rotation, Gelatinous windows, Transparencies, Animated Backgrounds features using these special effects software for Windows. Here I am sharing the top 5 special effects software for Windows. To download a special effect software, just click on the name of the software. You can also watch the video included to know more about the each of these special effects software for Windows.

Top 5 Special Effects  Software For Windows

Top 5 Special Effects Software For Windows

1. Switcher (Exposé for Windows)

Exposé is basically a feature of the Mac computer but now you can have it on your Windows computer using the Switcher

2. DeskHedron

DeskHedron provides a 3D representationto your desktop as semi-transparent side of a prism and also let you organize multiple task according to your wish and choices.

3. Okozo Desktop

Okozo Desktop gives you the ability to have the live wallpapers and interactive backgrounds to your Windows desktop. Free, Low-Resource, Interactive Flash Cartoons Rendered To Your Desktop At The Click Of A Button And All For Free!

4. Nimi Visuals

Nimi Visuals is an amazing special effects software which will make your Windows follow the laws of Physics.

5. DreamScene Seven for Windows 7

DreamScene Seven is an awesome freeware application that helps you in putting the videos as your desktop background. This software is basically for the Windows 7 but if you are using the Windows XP yet then, you can also use the DreamScene for Windows XP