We are all familiar with the frustration and inconvenience of not having a cell phone signal. With today’s economic challenges, some are opting not to have a land-line telephone service in their home. Instead, they are relying on their cellular phone as their sole means of home telephone communication.

Having an adequate cell phone signal is imperative in the case of an emergency. When you need to call for help, you can't afford not to have good signal. Below are few tips which can help you in getting the better signal on your cell phone.

5 Easy Ways to Get Better Cellphone Signal in Your Home

How to Get Better Cell Phone Signal in Your Home

Keep Your Cell Phone Batteries Charged

Having insufficient battery power in your cell phone can affect you ability to make a call. Cellular phones with internet access and special applications, use a lot of power when making phone calls. You may even have enough power to start the telephone call and make contact, but if the supply is not adequate you could end up with a dropped call. This is because transmitting and maintaining a signal, requires a large amount of power. It is a good idea to keep your cell phone charged throughout the day, so it is ready to go when you need it.

Know The Location of Your Cell phone Antenna

It is important to know where to find the antenna on your cell phone. Although this may sound obvious, on more modern and sleek designs the antenna is usually not very visible. If you use a full grip on your phone, you may block the antenna, so incoming signals can't reach it. A quick view of the phone’s manual should solve this issue.

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Home Made Insulated Wire Antenna

You can make a simple antenna at home. You will need some insulated wire, a ruler, a skewer (the kind used for kebabs) and a pair of pliers.

You can get a video demonstration of how to do this at www.videojug.com/film/how-to-boost-your-phone-signal.

The Tesla Coil Effect

This is a very simple technique that anyone can do. All you need is a twist tie (the wire and paper fasteners that come with garbage bags) and some black electric tape (other tape may also work). This technique is for cellphones with protruding antennas.

  • Take the twist tie and wrap it around the antenna
  • Next take the tape and wrap it around the twisty tie on the antenna
This method should boost your cell phone signal to the greatest number of bars that you can get.

Cell Antenna Repeater System

You can use a repeater system to improve cell phone signal strength at home. Most pre-packaged systems consist of an outdoor antenna, a cable and an amplifier. The outdoor antenna (pointed at the cell tower) directs the signal through the cable to the amplifier (in the house). Pre-packaged systems work in buildings between 2,500 and 50,000 square feet and can usually be self-installed, or installed by an electrician/cable installer. Larger buildings need more complex custom-built systems.

Generally, the mobile repeater is chosen individually, as certain models of the such equipment need to deal with quite different problems. It is best to collect this device yourself, carefully considering the characteristics of wireless booster. The gsm amplifier is chosen according to some factors:

- the standard of the gsm connection and working frequency;

- the output power of the mobile gsm amplifier;

- and the signal gain.

If you get serious for the choice of the gsm repeater, you can find the best variant. And trust the installation for the professionals, this allows you to forget about the poor cell signal forever!rever!