Google is the biggest and the most popular search engine in the world. Ranking high in Google search result is one of the most important thing for any webmaster and blogger. It helps in driving traffic to the blogs. But Google keep changing its algorithm all the time to provide better and more relevant results to a user.

SEO experts try hard to achieve success but Google is always changing its search result algorithm and strategy. Recently, the Panda Update by the Google affected the search results just too much and few of the most popular sites on the Internet felt the affect of it on their traffic. The most affected sites were the Content Farms of the Internet.

That is why, Google is working hard to stop showing spam contents on its search result. And here is a nice Google infographic by the which gives you the idea of the Google's war on the spam content and websites. Take a look at this and you will come to know the understanding of the Google's strategy to provide relevant content in search results.

Google's War On Spam Blog (Infographic)

Google's War On Spam Content (Infographic)
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