Facebook is making lots of changes in its layout these days. And like always, few of them are really annoying the Facebook users. The latest in this annoying Facebook update is the Facebook Ticker. Facebook Ticker shows the real time updates from your friend in your sidebar, just like Twitter. But this New Facebook Ticker is really annoying and lots of people are asking that how to remove the New Facebook Ticker.

HOW TO : Remove Facebook News Ticker

By default , there is no way to remove the Facebook Ticker but you can do that using a Chrome browser extension. Facebook Ticker Remover is a Chrome browser extension which removes the annoying Facebook Ticker. This nice Facebook Ticker remover removes the Facebook Ticker from the Facebook frontpage and also from the Facebook Chat sidebar.

Download Facebook News Ticker Remover Chrome Extension

After installing the Facebook News Ticker Remover extension, your Facebook profile will appear like the image shown below.

HOW TO : Remove Facebook News Ticker

And if you are not having the Google Chrome browser then, there are few tricks which you can use the minimize the effect of Facebook Ticker which I am going to share in the next post.