Today's fast-paced, information-obsessed society requires the successful business person to stay in constant contact with his or her office, clients and suppliers. With technology growing smaller, sleeker and more powerful by the day, it's easy for the business person to carry three vital devices for staying in touch while on the go.

Top 3 Gadgets For The Businessmen

1. The Smart Phone

About 80% of what a business owner needs to do can be done on a smart phone. The popular iPhone allows users to download a variety of apps to manage their schedules and plan trips and meetings. Users can even print from the phone. The iPhone is also voice activated and allows for hands-free talking while driving. Another popular smart phone is the Blackberry. One advantage that the Blackberry has over the iPhone is an actual keypad as opposed to a virtual keyboard, making typing emails and texting easier.

Top 3 Gadgets For The Businessmen - Smartphone

2. The Laptop Computer

The laptop computer allows a business person to transport all their files from the office to the meeting, and then to the plane. Unlike smart phones and tablet computers, laptops support all types of commonly used office file formats and making typing easy on their full-sized keyboards. Small electronics are always possible targets for thieves, so all smart phones, tablet computers and laptops should be kept locked with a password when not in use. Laptop owners should consider using an online backup service that will automatically back up files when they are updated, in case the laptop is lost, stolen or damaged.

3. The Tablet Computer

Tablet computers are growing in popularity and have many of the same features as smart phones, such as apps to manage travel itineraries, meetings and check the weather and news. They also feature touch screens instead of actual keyboards. Due to their larger size-from around 7 to slightly more than 10 inches-a tablet computer's virtual keyboard is easier to use than that of a smart phone. Separate keyboards are available for tablet computers to make extended typing easier.

Tablets are smaller, lighter and easier to transport than laptops and tablet makers are outfitting their new models with the capability to support more types of commonly used office documents. Tablets make it easy for the traveler to watch local and international news as well as movies and videos while in the airport or on the train. Tablets are also extremely popular as e-readers. In addition to books, the business person can download thousands of newspapers and magazines.

With a smart phone, a laptop computer and a tablet computer, a business person can take their office with them virtually no matter where they go. The variety of communication devices offers choices sure to suit any business situation.