Online games today are fast, graphic intense and very visual, requiring a lot of Internet speed to avoid lags - and the first place to look for speed is in your Internet connection.

Finding good gaming broadband plans, or satellite Internet connections, and up to date system requirements for your computer that enable speed in playing online are the most important requirements.

Games require cable or DLS, to be sure your gaming experience is not slow, and that the performance of the program will be uninterrupted. Competition against other gamers means staying 'in' the game, and not missing a fire or action.

Top 5 Games Where Internet Speed Matters

1. World of Warcraft

This is a highly intense game, boasting multi-player online role-playing, created by Blizzard Entertainment. It's 4th release, in the Warcraft series, and amazingly, has over 11 million subscribers. It is currently the most popular and MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role play game), but it requires a good Internet or broadband connection like Talk Talk broadband

2. End of Nations

This is a MMORTS (multiplayer online real time strategy) game with some serious graphics and was developed by Petroglyph Games. It is said to combine action and strategy of other real-time games, but adds progression and social features. This is a free to play online game.

3. Hellbreed

This action online game came from the virtual world of Diablo - and is a browser game developed by Gameforge. It is an action hack and slash RPG game, with amazing sound, images and adventure.

4. Ryzom

Another MMORPG game, that has been around since before World of Warcraft, and is, according to gamers, worth a second look. It is known as one of the best role playing games online, and is also known as The Saga of Ryzom. This game was developed by Nevrax, and its storyline can be related to science fiction and fantasy.


This is a newer MMORPG game, and comes in many new titles such as Guild Wars 2, Wildstar, The Secret World and others, released by GamesCom. Claiming the best screens on the net in 3D, giving players full control over each move. They also claim: an All Sharp Angles & Pointy Things feature, and say that TERA is one of the most exciting fantasy games online - by subscription.

As any good gamer would know, connection, and computer systems are important to playing and really interacting in these high graphic and role playing games. So before you get started, be sure that you have broadband and your computer has the RAM available to keep up with the other interactive players.