Why This Kolaveri Di is a huge hit of this year. And lots of versions of that song is coming out which are made by the fans. Due to this, Vodafone started a contest "Record Your Own Kolaveri Song" for the Vodafone Tamil Nadu users. All you have to do is to record the Kolaveri song in your voice.

To participate in this contest, just call on 5212121 and record your song on the karaoke. You can sing the original song or any other version of Kolaveri Di song with changed lyrics.

Record Your Own Kolaveri Song To Meet Dhanush

The winner of the contest will get the opportunity to meet the actor/singer Dhanush and to perform the Kolaveri Di song in front of him. Another interesting thing is that you can also set your Kolaveri song recording as your Caller Tune and you can download it on your phone too, to use it as the ringtone.

The contest is valid from 14th December, 2011 to 11th January, 2012. You got lots of time. So practice well and record your own Kolaveri Di song. Best of luck