Google has finally launched a social networking platform that can at last compete with Facebook and Twitter. Despite past failings with social networking experiments such as Orkut, Google Wave and Google Buzz, the company has this time pressed the right buttons with regards to their social networking strategy and service.

Google Plus at first glance is like any other social networks lets you share, update status, photos, videos and seamlessly chat with your friends. Google Plus has borrowed several features from Facebook and Twitter.

Google Plus however has tried to differentiate itself from other social networks with innovations such as:

Facebook v/s Google Plus (Funny Images & GIF)


Circles is a concept that lets you ,select people that you like hanging out with, much like groups on Facebook. You can have several circles in different categories based on aspects of your life such as your profession, hobby or interests. Circles lets you easily manage information, ensuring what you share with different circles remains independent and private from each other. For example you can include your mum in your personal circle yet you exclude her from your professional or interest circle. Considering the problems Facebook has faced with regards to privacy concerns Google Plus scores a major point with this application.


Google Plus has introduced new video chatting and conferencing feature. The feature lets you and your friends, hang out together through video conferencing or group video chat. Hangout is an awesome application that lets you continue that real time interactions with your friends or family despite the distance and location barrier. Facebook also introduced video calling feature recently using Skype from Microsoft, though with Skype you can only video chat with one person at a time.

This application might become very useful with small businesses who deal with clients via email and phone as they can now do video conferences very simply. So if for example you are a small health and safety consulting company then you can use this feature to connect more easily with businesses you work with furthermore it will allow you to have more personal relationships and for consultants and small businesses this is very important.

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Google Plus Huddle allows you to engage your friends or circles by sending them group texts, and this features allows you to share information to your circles simultaneously ensuring you and your circles are on the same page as well as up to speed with events and activities happening within your circles.


Google provides you with links and articles based on your preference. The feature ensures that you are kept up to speed with news and information in the areas of your interest. Again this is very good for work related aspects, so using our health and safety consulting business example again it means you can use ‘Sparks’ to stay up to date on the latest health and safety news on the web.

Instant Video And Photo Uploads

Google Plus has improved uploading of photos and videos experience by increasing its speed .There is also an application that enables easy photo and video uploading from mobile applications (apps) making its an easy seamless process. Facebook also has this feature, though Google Plus feature seems more robust and speedy.

Graphical User Interface (GUI)

Many people love simplistic web designs, Google Plus just like its mother company Google Search has a simple design that makes even ,the less technically users easily understand how it works.

As the debate rages on whether Google Plus is a threat to Facebook what its clear is that Google Plus has a lot of catch up to do. Facebook has over 750,000,000 million users while Google Plus has so far netted 25 million users. Expect cut throat competition from both companies, meaning it’s you and me who will benefit greatly from this brand war.

Last Word

Google as the leading a search engine company has a lot of influence on online advertising and marketing. It will surely use its abundant resources to the fullest, in a bid to usurp Facebook as the leading social network. Whether Google Plus will surpass Facebook as the preferred social networking site remains to be seen – time will tell.

Jonathan works with , a health and safety consultants and they specialise in workplace safety and fire risk assessments.