Few days back, I have posted about the latest Adult Facebook Scam to warn you all. That Facebook scam automatically post on your wall once you are part of that scam. So, if you have missed my previous warning post or somehow you are victim of that adult Facebook scam then, here is an easy way to stop the auto-posts on your Facebook wall.

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HOW TO : Stop Facebook Adult Scam Updates Auto Postings

This adult Facebook scam install an add-on your browser which keeps sending the posts on your Facebook wall automatically. All you have to do is to follow the steps given below to remove that add-on from your browser.

HOW TO : Stop Facebook Adult Scam Updates Auto Postings

For Google Chrome Users

1. Click on the Tools and then click on the Extensions

2. Remove the “YouTube Premium” extension from there.

For Mozilla Firefox Users

1. Go to the Tools and then to the Add-ons

2. Remove the “YouTube Premium” add-on from the list of Firefox add-ons.

Restart your browser and you are done.... Share it with your friends too avoid this scam causing any trouble to your Facebook profiles.

Stay Safe