What do you use your smartphone for? For making calls? Of course. But what about all the other nifty things you count on your smart phone for? What about your apps? Smartphone apps are responsible for defining the smartphone experience, making it possible for you to do almost as many things using your smart phone as you can possibly conceive of in your mind (I say "almost" because there is not yet a time machine app, which I am still holding out for).

One very underrated (if you ask me) use of smart phone apps is passing time - you know, that time when you either wish you could be doing something else, or don't feel like doing anything at all? If you are an adult who still values having entertainment during idle time, or even if you like to stimulate your mind with some brain-benders, check out these five great puzzle apps for adults.

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5 Great Puzzle Apps for Adults

5 Great Puzzle Apps for Adults - Droplitz Delight

Droplitz Delight

Featuring a kooky earthworm and water droplets that really want to get to their underground location, this app is a great mind workout that is not as simple as it may appear at first glance. All you have to do is rearrange the underground tubes so that they connect and lead to the low-lying water droplet destination . . . but doing that against the clock can be a little tricky.


Most adults remember the classic wooden box Labyrinth game by the same name. Well, this is the exact same game, only in the form of a smart phone app - and is just as achingly challenging. Not for the faint of heart, or for those prone to throwing said smart phone.

Unblock Lego

Do you love legos? Well, you don't have to in order to love this puzzle game, so no worries. What you do have to do is slide blue lego pieces around in a way that releases the red piece trapped in the middle of them. It is not complicated - but it is not easy, either. Try it in relaxed mode first, then challenge yourself in timed mode.


Love Bejeweled? Then you will absolutely love this game, featuring animal faces in the place of jewels. Swap out one animal for the other in order to create and eliminate strings of like-animals, and race against the clock to find matches.

Sudoku Camera

This is super simple: snap a picture of any Sudoku puzzle you want to try your hand at, and then complete it on this app (which is the not-so simple part). The good and bad news: this app will solve the puzzle for you as soon as you cave in.
Your smartphone can be more than just handy. It can also be entertaining (and distracting). Be as productive as possible when you are feeling unproductive by using these great puzzle apps.

About the Author: Kristofer Mondelli loves exploring new puzzle games on his iPhone and finds they're a gerat way to relax during a stressful day. He's a computer specialist who teachers other programmers repair skills such as how to recover partition walls, fix missing files, and more on Recover-Partition.net.