Strangely enough, it appears that there are phone apps that can tell the future. Mankind (and particularly womankind) has always been interested in the future, curious about what is going to happen to the individual, his friends and relatives, and other people close to him/ her, and what fate has in store. Western culture places emphasis on the belief that men and women forge their own futures, but this individualistic view is undermined by the obvious fact that something unexpected always happens.

As they say, the more things change, the more they stay the same. Technologies are more advanced than ever before, and the advent of the iPhone is the hallmark example of this. The latest addition toiPhone function is – well – psychic phone apps or apps that tell the future.

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Phone Apps That Foretell the Future

Apps for numerology, Tarot, and horoscopes

Some apps can produce personal numerology readings. You enter your birth date and name, and the app tells you what type of person you are, and what course you might take in your life. You can see the future of your love, professional and personal life with iPhone based Tarot readings, available daily, as well as daily, weekly, and monthly horoscopes. There are several apps that do this. They offer free advice and enable contacts with psychic advisors in real time.

The daily Tarot readings include three cards, which cover future developments where your career and partner are concerned. You can share your readings with friends on Facebook, take advantage of “extras” – a special feature with additional free readings, get astro alerts (advice as events occur), and enjoy high-resolution graphics. On the downside, the apps have fewer features than those on the website.

Apps that read your mind

A delightful element of the wide range of psychic apps is Bob the Psychic Cockroach, which was created by Andrew Mayne. This is a fun magic trick you can play on and with your friends. The roach reads your friend's mind by asking him/ her to choose one ESP symbol. What is ESP? It stands for Extrasensory Perception and involves those symbols on tarot cards – the circle, the square, the flowing water, the cross, etc. The roach hypnotizes them and reveals what they're thinking. If the roach is wrong, you can squash it. You can also do that if he gets it right and embarrasses you.

The app is fun to play with, features animation and sound effects, and it can be played over and over again. Most iPhone users are enthralled by it. They think the Psychic Roach is funny, polished and not at all hard to learn. It costs one dollar and is worth every penny.

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Ask the Octopus

Finally, Apple is offering an app based on the life and work of Paul the Psychic Octopus. It is called Ask the Octopus (duh) and gives users the chance to enter two options for any question, after which the octopus chooses one just like the real octopus indicated one of the two flags with which he was presented. The app costs 99 cents.