The above title is perhaps a little misleading considering the content of this post. I am not in any way trying to paint a picture of SEO firms as evil or manipulative – the majority of SEO providers are friendly, honest and professional... but that doesn’t mean that they’re not hungry for your money. As a potential SEO client they want to convince you to buy as much of their service as possible even if that means paying top dollar for tasks that you could easily tackle yourself. That is what this post about – SEO DIY!

There are so many easy, tedious little SEO techniques that you can perform on your site yourself. The fact that you are reading this is proof that you are an inquisitive, and interested online user who wants to know more about SEO and its potential. This spells great things for the future of your online business – there are too many webmasters who are happy to just throw money at SEO experts without bothering to learn any of the SEO language themselves. So thank you for not being one of those people!

Continue to read posts like these and you’ll soon learn that not every part of SEO is about complex algorithms and keywords – you’ll begin to see just how many simple tips and tricks that you can do on your website without having any previous experience. Perform some of the following before you approach an SEO firm and you’ll save yourself a respectable amount of cash:

(Each point only offers a brief explanation - to learn more about a particular SEO aspect do a Google search for the words I have put in bold.)


How to Achieve SEO Success Easily

Link Building

Google like websites who are respected, referred to and those which are considered an authority in their industry. The SEO companies take note of this and build up links for their clients from respected and relevant websites. You can do this yourself by getting into contact with other webmasters and proposing a link swap. If you would prefer not to have to give a link to someone else you could offer to do a guest post and someone’s blog – write it well and both Google and your readers will follow through your link.

Keyword Implementation

SEO firms increase your PageRank by improving the quality of your content and by implementing researched keywords into it – however this can be done relatively easily by yourself. By using tools such as Google Trend you can gain an insight into what keywords relevant to your industry are currently the most popular. Once your research has been done you can seamlessly embed them into your content and enjoy a heightened rank in the SERP’s. Be sure to Google SEO Copywriting to ensure you’re on the right track.

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Creating internal links

It is vital that your website has an array of internal links that connect your pages together. This helps Google to identify the pages which should hold the most authority and also improve search relevancy if one of the pages was to come up in the SERP’s. The most important thing to remember is that it is all about the keywords you use. Using ‘click here’ as a hyperlink will not improve your websites SEO status. You have got to use a word or two that summarises the content on the linked through page. This part of SEO comes under Website Structure.

The list could go on...

The point of this post was never to offer you a full guide and solution to DIY SEO – you’ll be able to find 100’s of articles on all different aspects of SEO on a number of different websites. The real purpose of this post was to get the message across to you that the SEO companies may have experience behind them but they don’t have super powers.

Many techniques that they will perform on your site are not at all complicated. Some of them are methods that you yourself could master – you just need the time to research and the bravery to turn the theory into a reality.