Blekko is a fairly new search engine that is starting to gain some attention. It is particularly popular amongst SEO's and for good reason. Blekko has some really good tools to break down a website from top to bottom. With that, and the combination of a powerful search engine it is easy to see why Blekko is becoming so popular. A good SEO will utilize all the tools that they have available to them. Sometimes this can cost you a pretty penny. But Blekko, in its transparent nature, offers these features and tools for free. They even let you dive into how your website is being ranked. Here are some of my favorite Blekko SEO tools.

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How To Use Blekko As An SEO Tool

How To Use Blekko As An SEO Tool


The Slashtag is something that is unique to Blekko. Using "/" you can really target a search that is being made. For example if you wanted to wanted to do a search for "new music" you could search "new music/rock" if you only wanted that particular genre. This is a great way to really refine your search and attempt to get the best results.


Blekko has an excellent toolbar to quickly analyze any site that you may be currently on. Here you can add slashtags to any site that you may find relevant. You can also mark any website as spam if you come across it. That way that site will permanently be deleted from your search results. One of the best features is that you can analyze all SEO data, and in real time! Very powerful if you are providing many SEO services and working with multiple campaigns.

Grep the Web

Grepping the web means to compare various things. There will be a criteria for certain data to be analyzed and then Blekko will go and get that data. For example one of their "greps" was Wordpress vs. Joomla vs Drupla. They then grep the web and show you the number of URL's and Domain names for each. One that I recently did was the number of people who succesfully use balance transfer credit cards vs those who use multiple credit cards. This is a great way to compare facts, and perhaps even compare your competitors.

Blekko is an awesome tool for both search and analyzing search. You can even compare search results between Blekko, Google, and Bing. This is a great tool that SEO's should be taking advantage of to stay a step ahead of the game. This is especially true if Blekko continues to become more popular. They just gained a round of funding totaling 30 million, and from the looks of it they will only see more success.