Facebook is one of my favorite places to hang. I can literally lose hours hanging out there. I learn about the news. I learn about the info that used to only be available in the tabloids in the supermarket check-out. I learn about what my friends from, er, 10 years ago are doing, who is losing their hair, who is having their hair done, who has kids, who has grand-kids... Somebody stop me!

It is not out of the ordinary for me to pop my head above the computer screen to find that my husband has fallen asleep and my kids tucked themselves in hours ago. Is Facebook a blessing or a curse? Personally, I still love Facebook. Maybe I need to put some moderation on it, but it is like an addiction, like chocolate for the mind, to some of us, anyway.

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The Friending and

So, I have been noticing something about Facebook and FB friends. It isn't really a new concept. It has been around for ages. It is that "Five Year Old Frenzy." I remember years ago, going across the street to my best friend's house and we would play and play for hours. I don't even remember what we played. I'm sure it was Barbies or something girly. But, this I do remember. One of us would stand up, hands on hips, stomp her foot and say that she was mad at the other one and would not speak to her ever again. That person would then go home, and, oh, say, 35 minutes later, be on the phone with a quick apology and then chatting again... soon to cross the street and resume playing Barbies again, until the next frenzy or squabble.

You know, we don't change that much over time, do we? I have seen the same thing happen on Facebook. It is the case of "I'm upset with you so I am going to drop you as a friend! So there!" Can you see the hands on hips? How about the foot stomp? Oh, you see a tongue sticking out, too?

Do you ever sit and wonder *why* certain friends drop you? Dear me, I have! Take it from one who has spent too much time trying to figure out why church ladies drop you ... oh, yeah, that is because you sing Jazz music in a club ... It is waaaay more fun to make up the reasons. I mean why cry over spilled milk when you can have a little fun with it!

We really can be immature at times, can't we? Centuries ago, our ancestors were out in the fields (or wherever), sweating, bleeding, working hard to feed their children, and we sit on a computer, twiddling our time away, having frenzies and squabbles like children. Sometimes, really, I don't know whether to cry, or laugh my butt off!

I'm not going to stand before you and tell you I'm a saint, but I don't drop friends. Is that because I am so far above all of you? Nah. I just put the people on a *restricted* list, where they are still technically my FB friend but can't see a darn thing. That way, I didn't *officially* drop them and when I decide that I am ready to play again, I can seamlessly put them back on the full view list and play Barbies with them like nothing happened.

So, are you feeling five year old today?

Author Bio : Deborah is multi-faceted. She is no stranger to the stage or camera, as a successful Los Angeles Jazz singer (aka Deborah E or "Lady D"), reaching her success in the online arena. She is also a technology guru, having served as Director of the IT Department for two high-profile Los Angeles investment firms, utilizing her management experience and extensive web experience. She loves people and this has contributed to her success as a musician, writer, and social media nut. Her recent endeavor is to encourage people to reach their potential online, one step at a time. Her blog, SocialWebCafe.com is a reflection of that perspective on social media: "because the web should be fun!"

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