NEC has made another super-thin rendition of a smartphone. It runs on Android and is just 6.7 millimeters thin. That is .264 of an inch in thickness for those of you in the United States. Read on to find out what this skinny little smartphone MEDIAS ES N-05D has here in this quick article.

Small Does Not Always Mean Weak

What can a savvy little smartphone possibly have inside? "Not much." you say? Well, the group at NEC have done it again. They made the MEDIAS ES N-05D with a super nice screen, a powerful camera, and strapping hardware. Since that is what most people are looking for in a smartphone, all NEC did was scale it down to fit into a pocket, even full pockets.

The Display Is Very Likable

The thinness of the NEC MEDIAS ES N-05D will not be fooling those in the know. They held the record for the world's thinnest smartphone in times past. This one is chock full of features inside its slim exterior. The screen is bigger than the iPhone. It is 4.3 inches of digital real estate. The view is clear because NEC put 1280 by 720 pixels of resolution into it. It is made of LCD not the more modern AMOLED material, so watching the battery will be a normal task for this smartphone.


No Lack Of Performance

If you thought the savvy looks will affect the performance of the NEC MEDIAS ES N-05D you would be wrong. This smartphone comes with a dual core processor made by Qualcomm, the same people who make chips for HTC. It is cruising at a very respectable 1.5 gigahertz of speed. It is joined by one gigabyte of RAM and four gigabytes of internal memory. If that turns out to not be enough space, the smartphone has an external slot for a MicroSD card.

NEC Gave This Handset A Nice Camera

The camera on this NEC beauty is just a small bump on the thickness. It is not like those Motorola smartphones that look like a small mountain. It is not obtrusive, but it still puts out 8.1 megapixels of power. It is made with CMOS technology and the Sony "Exmor R" craftsmanship for extra quality. This is great work for a smartphone that is less than seven millimeters thick.

Android Is Inside This Smartphone

Running the menus and programs is the Google Android mobile operating system. The NEC MEDIAS ES N-05D does not have it in the most modern version. It comes in the Gingerbread version 2.3. This is one Android level down for smartphones. The Android platform is currently having another malware attack, so due diligence is required. Downloading any apps before checking out some reviews online could be a mistake. Otherwise, this is a popular platform that works well for those who like real multi tasking, flash and other regular computer features.