Losing your iPhone is never fun. In fact, it can be a little scary, especially if you conduct business from your phone or have a list of contacts a mile long stored in it. At $200 to $500 dollars a pop, the price alone of replacing an iPhone 4S can turn even the toughest of the bunch into blubbering babies.

If the mere thought of losing your iPhone makes you break out into a cold sweat, a BungeeAir Wireless Security Tether, made by Kensington, may help you put your mind at ease. This kit comes with a battery case for your iPhone, along with a key fob, which is just a fancy way of saying keychain. The battery case weighs about 2.5 ounces, and it’s 5.25 inches high, 2.57 inches wide, and 0.67 inches deep. It has cutouts for the camera, mute switch, and headphone jack to allow for easy access.

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BungeeAir Wireless Security Tether for iPhone

Most people attach the key fob to their keys, but feel free to be creative here. If you don’t want to attach it to your keys, you can attach it to anything you wish, including your wallet, purse, jacket zipper, body jewelry, or anywhere else you think it should go.

To active the wireless security tether, simply insert your iPhone into the battery case, and turn it on. Once the key fob is turned on, the two should automatically connect and create a wireless security tether.

After your BungeeAir system is up and running, you can also download the free app for your iPhone. This app allows you to set the distance of your phone’s wireless security tether. Once your iPhone and key fob get too far away from each other, the key fob will start to vibrate and beep. At this point, you can silence the alarm by pressing one of the buttons on the fob. Pressing the second button on the fob will send a signal to your phone causing it beep.

For added security, the screen on your phone, wherever you left it, will also automatically lock, making it almost impossible for anyone to gain access to any of your data inside. If someone tries to remove the battery case or turn off the bungee app, you will be also be alerted by the key fob.

So, this device may seem great for people who lose their phones regularly, but what if you just aren’t one of those people? What about people who lose their keys on a regular basis? Well, the BungeeAir Wireless Security Tether works both ways. If you lose your keys – or whatever else was attached to your fob – simply use the app on your phone to send a signal to the fob causing it to beep and vibrate.

Unfortunately, if you lose both your phone and your keys, the BungeeAir Wireless Security Tether probably won’t be much help to you. Maybe in the near future, however, they’ll add yet another piece to this kit, like a BungeeAir Zipper Pull, but only time will tell.