Everyone has their own personal taste, and when you look around and see that just about everybody has an iPod these days, sometimes you want to put in a little extra effort to stand apart from the pack, and prove yourself as an individual. There are probably multiple people in your household with iPods, and without any way to tell them apart, it can be a bit frustrating at times. By getting a case for your device, not only will it be functional, but it will also give you the option of choosing from the countless designs on the market, helping you to set your iPod apart from others.

There are cases of any color, material, or style, matching your lifestyle and personality, telling a little bit more about you and what interests you. There are rubber cases that protect your iPod if you are a little more accident-prone than others. For those with more of a high profile, you can get a sleeker case, one made of a hard plastic, wood, or even metal. If you're more on the active side, you can even get cases that come with arm straps for jogging, and are made with a light yet protective fabric casing.

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For those with more eclectic styles, you can find iPod cases and skins in a wide range of styles with fun designs, or even more intricate art displayed across the back, letting you express yourself a little more freely while sporting your iPod at places around town. In a sea of iPods, you will stand apart by having a case that is eye-catching and would likely have a story behind it.

Above all else, the case will also protect your iPod from any extenuating circumstances that may cause harm to the device during its use. Aside from iPods, all of the best iPhone 3G cases offer the same benefits, protecting your phone just as well as your MP3 player. Whether you are looking to get a case for your iPod or iPhone, the main things you should be looking for are security and durability. These two things will ensure that you can protect your music, data, and all other information from harm; nobody wants to have to buy another expensive item after their first one breaks due to an accident that could have been avoided, and in the end, buying a case could actually save you a lot of time and money.