The growth of the internet has really been astonishing; with regular new technological advancements almost daily; our growing greed for more, faster, better, brighter, louder - is always at a simmer. Just a small fact for you emphasising the growth, in 2010; over 107 trillion emails was sent – with the dramatic increase from 90 trillion emails from 2009, this just epitomises what the internet has become and how popular it is for communication.

The web is initially made up of three tools, the servers, languages and hosting services. The most popular browser used globally for websites is Internet Explorer, over 46% use this browser and the most popular language is PHP. This is based on the top 17000 websites. We mere mortals do not understand the vast proportions of the internet as we probably do not need too! With 24,175 websites using HTML5 doctype – this does seem like a lot. However this is only 2.63% of popular websites available to us!

What Websites Are Made Of (Infographic)

What Websites Are Made Of (Infographic)
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