The list of items needed for college bound teenagers can be overwhelming. However, some of the most useful items take up no space at all. These smartphone apps aren’t free, but are so good that you’ll be glad to shell out!

Top 8 Apps for College Students - Students With Mobile Phone

Top 8 Apps for College Students

Tipulator ($0.99)

For those who are not so great at math, this is a fantastic tool. Input the bill total and the percentage that the user would like to tip. This saves blundering and embarrassment for the user.

PocketMoney ($4.99)

For many college students, this is their first make or break attempt with money. The average college student now graduates with $7,000 in credit card debt; this is to say nothing of the ever feisty credit card companies looking to enroll students. This app will help the student track their money and make a monthly budget.

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WaveSecure ($19.99/year)

This app backs up all data. If the phone crashes, is lost, or otherwise no longer available, all the data is easily retrieved to put on another phone.

PhonePlusCallBack ($2.99)

This may not be an essential for the college student, but it is great for times during classes. When a call is ignored, an apology text is instantly sent to the caller for missing the call.

EasyTether ($9.95)

This allows the data on the student’s smartphone to act as a Wi-Fi spot for their laptop or desktop computer. This only works if the computer is Windows XP or newer. Certainly more cost efficient than traditional dongle plans from cell phone carriers.

TurboScan ($1.99)

This turns your smartphone into a scanner for documents, receipts, or other necessary notes. Also allows for studying on the go.

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QuickScan Pro ($0.99)

This barcode reader allows for many purposes. One largely productive use of the barcode scanner is getting the best price on needed items

Plants vs. Zombies ($2.99)

Every college student is going to need a little down time. Plants vs. Zombies is a slightly addictive but not too challenging game. With a five star rating this is worth the price.

Whether this is college student number one or number ten, these are great apps for the smartphone. They are worth the small fee paid for them as they increase productivity and awareness. The cost paid for PocketMoney, for example, could keep the student out of debt just by paying attention to their financial situation.