So, you’ve put in the hard work, you’ve increased the number of visitors to your webpage to a good amount, and you’re gaining more purchases from the increased views. However, you still get around 90% of people abandoning their shopping basket, some, even when they reach the checkout stage.

While this can be entirely normal for any e-commerce website, it’s still a lot of people to be losing at such a critical stage.

Luckily, there have been some recent developments in technology that mean you can change this.

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All You Need to Do is Call

Imagine the scenario...

The customer has been browsing your site, puts a few things in their basket, enters half their details at the checkout stage, and then leaves your website. But why?

Often it’s something as simple as not quite understanding what the product does, or they’re just not fully decided about purchasing.

It’s similar to why good customer service in shops can work so well. If you’re in a shop and not 100% certain about buying an item, and there’s no one available to help you, you’ll most likely just walk straight out.

However, if a sales assistant approaches you and talks you through the item, going through the pros and cons and maybe even suggesting a better product, the likelihood is, that you will buy.

So How is This Achieved Online?

Well, all you need to do is call. By giving the customer a simple phone call after they’ve abandoned their shopping basket, you can find out why they didn’t want to complete the purchase, and discuss any way in which you can help them.

If you ring them straight away then you may catch the customer in a buying mindset, with the product still at the forefront of their mind.

It also presents the opportunity to up-sell and cross-sell and to find out if the abandoned basket is due to a malfunction on the website.

The telephone number is gained during the checkout stage (permission is given to use it simply by entering the number). You’ll find that the majority of customers that enter their phone number are happy with contact via the telephone, and see the call as an example of excellent customer service.

Checkout Abandonment Software

Though this sounds like a lot of work, it can all be achieved using an easy-to-operate system. The software detects when the customer left the website and exactly what stage they were at when they left.

If the customer left a telephone number, the system notifies your call centre. The system uses IVM to gather all the information needed before passing the customer onto a call centre agent if needed.

If the customer has not left a phone number, an email can be sent instead, advising the customer to contact a helpline if they have a problem.

The software isn’t expensive to run, and when compared to how much could be made by converting an extra 40% of customers, it can be a complete bargain!

‘Checkout abandonment software’ is a simple way to increase conversion with very little needed from the business.