Everyday we see and browse lots of websites on the Internet. And nearly every person would love to have a website of their own. But if you do not know how to have a website of your own without having the knowledge of web development and without spending money then, here is something for you.

Ucoz.com is a service which let you create your own website for free. There are lots of free website builders available already. But there are few features which makes Ucoz better than others. Few of the highlighted features of Ucoz are free unlimited bandwidth, 250+ default templates, 99% uptime and much more.

Create Your Free Website with Ucoz

You get a Ucoz sub-domain for your website. And if you want then, you can use own domain for your website too. All free websites of Ucoz get 400MB disk space which keeps increasing with time and increase in traffic. You get the unlimited bandwidth for your website traffic. So, you do not need to worry about it. Also, the claimed uptime of a Ucoz website is 99% which is really good for a free service. As stated, Ucoz serves 100 million pageviews per day on its network of websites which consists more than 1.2 million websites.

Ucoz provides the free technical support to all its users. You also get the free email for your website which you can use for the professional work. You can also check your website statistics to analyze the performance and how to improve your website. Ucoz is having a huge range of gadgets and widgets to put on your site which will make your website a dynamic and interactive one.

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Create Your Free Website with Ucoz

You can integrate the popular web services like PayPal, Google Maps, YouTube etc. on your website. You can also have a backup of your entire website. Ucoz supports 21 modules. So, you can easily create any type of website like blog, forum, news site, photo album and many more.

The only major drawback of Ucoz service is that you get ads on your free website and also on your control panel. But this is something you have to cope with when you are getting a nice service free of cost.

So, if you are planning to create your own website for free, this is the time for you.

Watch the video given below to know more about the Ucoz.com, the free website builder.