If you’re not one of those people that still uses low-tech 35mm Leica M6 (or any other brand that was high-tech back in the 80’s) cameras, then you’re probably going around with some 15+ mega pixels Panasonic, making tons of new images. But what usually happens with those images? Some of them got deleted few seconds after they were made and others ended up on your hard drive, and they stay there until the PC brakes down.

At the moment you realize that your PC is about to go to heaven you decide to burn those images on CD and save them for your next hard drive. But, why are we taking all those images if we are so lazy to go to our local photo service and print them? Because there is social life in every corner of internet and we’re already used to sharing our memories with everybody else through
social networks.

For all of you that still believe in piling up vacation memories in the photo albums and you are thinking about buying new photo printer, take a look at the Top 5 photo printing choices for 2012 :

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Best 5 Photo Printers of 2012 - Canon Pixma MG8220 (Wireless)

Best Photo Printers You Must Buy

1. Canon Pixma MG8220 (Wireless)

Ok, so we started this article with the fact that you’re probably not one of those 35mm geeks…but guess what, Canon Pixma MG8220 is able to scan and print your 35mm slides as well! Besides this, MG8220 is capable of developing your images from any other mainstream source on the market; USB, memory cards, PC connection (yes, you can also use this printer without connecting to PC). Here is the list of options available with this awesome printer.

• It prints high quality photos from numerous different sources

• Print photos directly from film

• Option to print images from online albums

• Printing possible on optical discs

• Two printing trays included (one for regular paper and other for photo printing)

Overall, this is a very nice printer if you are photo-amateur that likes to have photos printed home, get high quality and even frame the photos.

2. HP PhotoSmart 7510 e-all-in-One

This is one of those printers that you may buy for one thing and end up using it for something completely different. Why do we say this? - Because it has some fancy features like free fax (free until you hook up) which you can use to send and receive faxes (up to 20 faxes) without having a phone line. Oh yes, you can also print images on it. So let’s see what makes it a good choice if you decide to use it for your home photo printing.

• Prints high quality photos (almost 4 photos per minute)

• Uses Apple’s Air Print technology, which means you can print files from iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. Printer only has to be on the same Wi-Fi network with those gadgets.

• It has automatic paper feeder (and 2 paper trays)

• Supports Internet Fax service

This is very good printer that can cover all the needs of an average user.

3. EPSON Artisan 730

This printer is strictly for home based users. Slow output of plain paper, not such a good quality of printed documents etc…But it does what it is supposed to do. It prints photos in high quality. Here are some options that you will have for half the price compared to models above.

• Photo quality is great, especially if you have in mind the price of this model ($99.99)

• It prints from USB, memory cards and
PictBridge cameras

• It supports Ethernet and Wi-Fi

• Two paper trays (120+20 sheets)

If you already have a printer but you need one for photo-printing consider EPSON Artisan 730.

4. KODAK Hero 9.1 All-in-One

If you are having a small office or you happen to be advanced home user this printer may be a perfect fit for you. It lacks the speed and capacity to be in the range of office printers, so that’s why you shouldn’t expect miracles out of it. Other than this, it can be your good companion when it comes to photo printing. Some of the features:

• Supports Wi-Fi and Ethernet

• Prints directly from PictBridge cameras, USB’s and memory cards

• High quality color photos (not so good if you need black and white)

KODAK Hero 9.1 can do a little bit of everything but you should think about this choice only if you need printer at home.

5. EPSON Stylus Photo R2000

The most expensive on this list (it has great price/value ratio) but also the best choice for all of your Photo printing needs. It has speed, it is not expensive (having in mind what you get) and the final result is a high quality photo.

• It prints super-high quality graphics and photos

• Great for both amateurs and professionals

• It prints on roll paper, cut sheets and printable optic discs

• Wi-Fi and Ethernet support. PictBridge option available as well

If you go for the best, you go for
EPSON Stylus Photo R2000. As mentioned already, this is a perfect fit for the most of the professional photographers (and graphic artists) and advanced amateurs.