If you are looking to get more out of your Android device then you might want to think about buying some accessories for it. Using a few external devices you may be surprised to learn that you can practically turn your smartphone or tablet into a games console or even a replacement for your PC. Here we will look at how you can go about that.

Must Have Android Phone Accessories for Every Android Lover

Must Have Android Phone Accessories for Every Android Lover

HDMI Connector

Just because your phone doesn't have a HDMI connector doesn't mean it can't be connected to your TV – there are plenty of adaptors out there that will allow you to plug a HDMI cable into your computer, it's just a matter of finding the right one. And once you have, then you can use it to enjoy viewing your phone on the big screen – which means streaming YouTube or NetFlix or playing games in glorious HD.

Bluetooth Controller/Games Controller

You can use a games Bluetooth keyboard or games controller as an alternative input for typing, browsing and doing other things. You can either use a tiny and highly portable keyboard to this end, or you can choose to get a bigger one and thus be able to use your phone for proper typing etc.


Using a dock you'll be able to stand your phone up at the right angle for enjoying media and this will then allow you to recline while watching films to reading books rather than having to hold the phone or tablet awkwardly over your head. This is particularly useful for a tablet for which the large screen is highly practical for watching TV etc. And when you have your mini Bluetooth keyboard and your phone propped up nicely in front of it then it pretty much looks (and feels) like you have your own tiny little computer. You can also get stands that fold up and fit on a keyring so you can bring this mini PC with you anywhere.

USB Pen Drive

Androids already beat iOS because they let you add your own memory expansion with an SD card. But how about being able to access a pen drive as well to even more quickly exchange files between your computer and phone/tablet? Well that's very easy – all you'll need is an adaptor that turns a large USB into a micro USB. This way you can then plug in all kinds of gadgets that use a USB and that includes pen drives – no installation necessary either.


Not content with an external keyboard for your Android smartphone? Well then how about adding a mouse to the mix as well? You can do this again with a USB adaptor or by using Bluetooth, and either way it will bring up a cursor on your screen which you can then use for navigating around and using more accurate presses.


It's not just the Galaxy Note that can use a stylus – there are styluses (?) out there which use a small amount of heat to trick the phone into thinking you're using your fingers and that then allows you to win at Draw Something and to generally enjoy more accuracy (and looking like you've got a little notebook in your hands).