Google continuously makes changes in the algorithm of search engine in an effort to serve the best websites and provide better results for searchers. The latest Google algorithm update, originally named as Over Optimization Penalty, then Web spam Algorithm Update, now officially called as Penguin Update has been implemented. This update was meant to stop spam and bad link schemes, cloaking, keyword stuffing and misleading redirects. These updates mainly benefit high quality websites intending for high Google page rank.

Know Google's Natural Link Strategy

Generally Google values link as editorial votes. So websites that receive massive votes, which are more valued by searchers should rank higher in Google. Google primarily considers site's quality, relevance and quantity of links. Good links always boost website rankings along with more traffic and profitable conversions. Google checks your link strategies as what types of redirecting links to your site, the time to acquire these links, way of anchor text linking and many more. If Google's algorithm finds things such as, more new links or unnatural anchor text links, then your site gets penalized.

Issues with Inbound Links post Google Penguin Update

Mostly websites that likely lose their rankings, practice keyword stuffing and unnatural pattern of links. Almost all sites that were penalized after the new algorithm change had issues with fake linking strategy. The link profiles were unnatural and spammy links. So these seo tips will let you know about what types of links websites and SEO services company should avoid? Read on to know.

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Link Building Tips and Tricks after Google Penguin Update

Link Building Tips and Tricks after Google Penguin Update

Paid Text Links

One way for companies to rank well for a certain term that is against of Google's algorithm is buying links from other sites matching with the exact anchor text. But Google considers this way of linking as paid links for boosting page rank, but not offering any value to searchers.

Spammy Comment

Most of the websites trying to rank their websites unnaturally for specific keywords are hit by Penguin because of two main problematic reasons. Exact anchor text matching found in the signature part of comments and people using spammy user-name with exact anchor text

Low Quality Guest Posts

Moreover guest posts are a professional way to gain worthy links to your website. The websites that are effected by Penguin had site-links that contain low-quality content, which were not so strong. The site mainly focuses on anchor text based links rather than theme of the content.

Article Marketing sites

The websites hit by Penguin had content featuring links with exact match anchor text. Try to avoid this type of link strategy while promoting your site for exceptional success.

Dangerous Web Spammers Links

People should avoid participating in link schemes that are focused to increase your site rankings in Google. Specifically be away from web spammers on the web, as your website ranking gets affected by this type of link schemes.

Conclusion :

Google changed its algorithm in order to get rid of spammers who try to implement inorganic ways to rank their site high in Google ranking. If you are practicing this type of link building tactics, and other black hat methods then you are the one going to be hit by Google Penguin Update. So if you are unable to rank prominently for a long-term on Google, just find out a professional SEO company who offers effective services and guaranteed solutions for Penguin recovery.