If you have a family like mine your kids are probably after the latest gadgets just like mine. I have three teens and they have certainly embraced the digital era, and to be honest I am quite fond of the latest technology too. I use a laptop on a daily basis for work and have a brilliant smartphone which is ideal for work and for play. While we all love our gadgets it can be hard keeping up with what’s new.

While I don’t mind spending on technological gifts, I do want to make sure that the gizmos won’t be out of date six months down the line. I never buy anything just to won it; I always wait for when a gadget needs replacing. If you’re like me this list of four great gadgets might help you to make the right choices next time you go shopping for the next big thing for your kids, or for yourself.

Kid with iPad - Top Gadgets for Technology Loving Kids

Top Gadgets for Technology Loving Kids

The New iPad

The new iPad is similar to the last one, although it has a Retina Display making the screen look amazing. You can use the iPad to play games, manage your tasks, go online, take photos and even make videos. AT £399 for the 16 GB it’s a lot of money but it’s a smart piece of kit which is fun for everyone.

I have found the iPad to be a wonderful purchase and it’s now replaced my husband’s laptop as he is able to do everything he likes to do on the tablet. My kids use the apps to amuse themselves while I have found some of the notepad apps and to do lists really help me when I don’t want to get out my laptop.

LED 3D Televisions

This is a purchase I haven’t made yet as our TV is still working well, but it’s on our ‘to buy’ list. I am not a fan of 3D movies but my kids love them and we spend a lot of money going to the cinema to watch the latest films. It will be great to have the technology in our home as this will cut down on the amount we spend on cinema trips; you pay quite a lot more for watching a 3D film rather than the traditional 2D. Make sure the television has other features such as built in Freeview too which is something I really like in our current set up.

Nintendo 3DS

I recently purchased my youngest a> 3DS for his birthday. Although it’s been out for a while it’s still massively popular among his friends. We managed to find it for a great monthly price so I purchased some of the most popular games to go with it too. Needless to say I now find it quite easy to motivate my son to finish his homework and keep his room clean!

CyberBike for the Wii

I seem to have taken over the use of the Nintendo Wii in our home. I use it to keep in shape and have managed to get into a good routine now. I feel in much better condition and feel fitter than I have done in a few years. The Cyberbike is an actual bike which works with the Wii and I can’t wait to get my hands on it. I am turning 45 next month and everyone knows what’s number one on my gift list.