OK, so your house is littered with comic books, action figures (still in the packaging, of course) and LOTR memorabilia. You watch The Big Bang Theory to point out the mistakes Sheldon makes, though still trawled the internet for a Periodic Table shower curtain having seen it in the first episode. You own every Harry Potter wand, and have them displayed in a purpose-built glass cabinet in your living room.

But take you out of your lair, and the only thing that distinguishes you from lesser mortals is your Green Lantern T-shirt. Put you in your work shirt and you have nothing.

But do not fear. Here are 7 geeky gadgets and accessories for you to display your geekiness with pride, no matter where you are – even if your boss doesn’t approve of you mint-condition, framed, 1st edition ‘Batman: The Killing Joke’ comic hung on the partition wall of your cubicle.

7 Best Gadgets and Accessories for the Working Geek

1. Darth Vader LEGO Alarm Clock

Darth Vader LEGO Alarm Clock

Way one you can swindle your way into having a cool figure on your desk – disguise it as a clock. What do you mean the time’s on my computer screen...?

2. Marvel Collector’s Edition iPhone Cases

We didn’t think life could be much better with Avengers Assemble finally out in cinemas, and someone finally doing the Hulk justice on screen. And then we found these iPhone cases. With classic artwork, you can pay homage to your favourite character, whether it’s the Hulk, Captain America or Iron Man.

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3. Doctor Who TARDIS Mug

One way to make sure your co-workers know which mug is yours? Make it a TARDIS mug. And unless anyone else is quite as amazing as you, they’ll probably be embarrassed drinking from it, so it’s virtually burglar-proof.

4. Facebook Like and Dislike Stamps

Facebook Like and Dislike Stamps

Who cares if Facebook doesn’t have a Dislike button? Simple but effective, let everyone know what you really think through a tried and tested medium. LIKE.

5. Star Wars Ties

OK, so your boss might object to you cluttering your desk with amazing geek junk, but he can’t object to it if you’re wearing it, right...? This ties are truly epic, and plus, only fellow fans will truly recognise that the dots on your tie are really Stormtrooper helmets, or the crest is that of Lord Vader’s.

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6. The Walking Dead 'Dead Head' Stein

If you’re more of a cold drinks person, then this is the perfect glass to sit on your desk. Emblazoned with artwork from the original graphic novel and capable of holding 1.5 pints, why not pour a bottle of True Blood in there and really freak your co-workers out.

7. Star Trek Replica Badge: Medical Division

If you work in a hospital or are simply a first aider (or are just this cool), help instil the public’s confidence in you by pinning this badge on with pride. Who cares if you faint at the sight of blood?

James Duval is an IT specialist and likes to think of himself as the King in the geek universe (or at least some part of the Royal family). He currently blogs for AppliedWorkplace.co.uk.