There are smartphone apps available for every purpose. But not every app is a good one and you cannot rely on all of them, especially if you are using them for professional reasons and better productivity. Being an investor in the stock market is one profession where you want reliable information as much as possible.

Smartphone app for trade stock analysis

Chaikin Power Tools for tradeMONSTER is an app specially designed to get the stock analytics on your smartphone. It is a powerful stock investing app which was previously available only to the Wall Street professionals. Chaikin for tradeMONSTER is developed by Marc Chaikin who has 45 years of experience on Wall Street. So, you can easily get the idea of how good this app is.

Chaikin Power Tools works on the Chaikin Power Gauge Rating which is back-tested well on ten years of data. The Chaikin Power Gauge Rating is an unbiased 20-factor model that evaluates a huge amount of complex data and displays the result in simple way. As you can see in the image below, the green colour represents the Bullish rating and the red color is used for Bearish.

Chaikin Power Tools for tradeMONSTER

To get the full benefits of the Chaikin Power Tools, you need to have a tradeMONSTER account which you can easily create from the official tradeMONSTER website. Once your account is created, you can trade stocks, options and spreads from the app itself. It also gives you the facility to enter, edit and cancel orders.

You can check the orders, positions and the account balance info from the app. Chaikin Power Tools supports the multiple tradeMONSTER accounts. So if you are having more than one tradeMONSTER account, you can access all of them on your smartphone easily.

Chaikin Power Tools for tradeMONSTER

A few of the other highlighted features of Chaikin Power Tools are given below.

- It is available to download free of cost.

- You can monitor the health of your stocks easily to stay updated.

- You can analyze the data with the help of various Charts, Fundamentals and News Sentiment. It uses the popular Chaikin Money Flow indicator which helps to easily understand the data.

- It helps you make decisions for selling and buying stocks by showing the results in simple and easy way.

- You can even create a personalized watchlist to keep an eye on the things of your interest.

- Chaikin Power Tools also provides the important alerts and breaking News stories, Earnings Surprises, analyst Estimate Revisions etc. to keep you updated with the latest trends in the market.

So if you are in stock trading, check out Chaikin Power Tools for tradeMONSTER. You can download this app for free on your iOS devices. It supports all iOS devices having iOS 4.0 and above. Download the Chaikin Power Tools for tradeMONSTER from the link given below and do not forget to share your feedback and views about it in the Comments section.