Social media is more popular than ever. People are using social media to make their jobs easier and almost help of all companies have no social media policy. Its basically the wild west when it comes to sue and misuse. The number of companies banning social media use in the workplace is actually declining! With the trend moving to more freedom, lets take a look at what social media is used for in the workplace.

49% of workers use social media to connect with co-workers and customers. It is much faster to use social media than email to connect with other in the office or a close customer. Social media send a little buzzing notification to the mobile device the other party can't miss. Email doesn’t do that, it takes much longer to see an email in most cases.

47% of workers use social media to connect with others for entertainment. This might sound like a problem, but the fun we are talking about is very quick and doesn’t distract anyone from their jobs. The reason is having fun on social media takes about 3 seconds. A quick comment or Like is super fast, about as fast as standing and stretching.

Don't stress about social media use amongst employees. It's a new world and communication is getting more and more efficient. Social media is but a communication tool and most surveys don’t label social media as a distraction. A positive tool for business leaders and employees alike.

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