Memes are one of the most popular thing on the Internet as they go viral so fast, thanks to the funny and creative people for making such awesome memes. There are lots of websites which let you create various types of meme to publish and share. But what if you are not having access to your computer and you want to create and share a meme instantly on the Internet?

There are some nice smartphone apps which let you create the Internet memes right from your phone. They are available both for iPhone and Android smartphones. But in this post, we are going to have a look on only the best free iPhone and iPad apps to create memes. The best meme generator apps for Android smartphone apps are will be covered in a separate post.

All of these meme generator apps are free to download and use. You can either use the default meme templates available on these apps or can use your very own pics from your phone to make meme of them. So, have a look on them and feel free to share your comments that which app you liked most.

Top 10 Free iPhone Meme Maker Apps to Make Your Own Memes


Best free iPhone apps to create memes

You can upload pics from your phone gallery to make meme of them or you can select the templates available of popular memes to create one of yours. The interface is simple and you can create a meme in just few steps.


Best free iPhone apps to create memes

This one is my fav app as it uses the camera functionality to detect the faces and then replace them with the Rage faces. It is really a good one to use on an image having lots of people in it. Watch a demo video of this app below.

Meme Factory

Best free iPhone apps to create memes

Meme Factory is a social network in itself, a social network for meme lovers. You need to sign up first to use this app. You can share your memes on Meme Factory and can also browse the memes created by other users. You can also "Like" or "Dislike" them in a typical social media fashion.

Meme Design

Best free iPhone apps to create memes

It is having lots of meme templates to use and you can also use your own pics. You can even change the colour of the text according to your choice and share the created meme right from the app itself.

Meme+ Pro

Best free iPhone apps to create memes

The best thing about this app is that it provides the information about the popular memes. So you can know  the story of the origin of your favorite meme character. It is also having many sound effects for the memes. You can create meme from the available templates or from your phone gallery using the Meme+ Pro.

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Rage Maker

Best free iPhone apps to create memes

It is going to be the best app for the Rage meme lovers. It is having more than 500 Rage faces to create memes and also having the handwriting support. You can also share your generated memes on the social networks.


Best free iPhone apps to create memes

Just like the Memefier, it detects the face in the image and then replaces it with one of the popular Rage face. The whole procedure is automatic and you do not need to do much other than laughing on the memes you created. And if you are not happy with pic then, you can edit it as well.


Best free iPhone apps to create memes

Mematic creates a meme in just four steps and you can select a meme template to add captions on it to create your own meme.

Meme Generator

Best free iPhone apps to create memes

It is just like many other apps above. What makes it unique is that you can sync all your generated memes on your iOS devices using the iCloud.

iFunny :)

Best free iPhone apps to create memes

It is an another community based meme generator where you can see others work and can share yours. It is also updated daily with lots of funny images which you can use to create memes.