The world is full of silly apps that are good for a laugh and then forgotten. Even if you're addicted to "Angry Birds", how often will you really use the app that turns your iPhone into monster lips? Instead, try these four apps that will help you navigate your social world and come out ahead. You'll need to invent them first, so get going and reap the benefits.

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Four Innovative Apps the World Desperately Needs

BS Meter for iPod and Android

bullshit meter
Some people claim to have one built into their brains, but wouldn’t you rather have a dependable app when you’re on that date or job interview? Much like a lie detector, the BS Meter reads a person’s body language and temperature and discreetly signals you if his words are full of it. Simply point your smartphone at the smooth talker and set it to either vibrate or flash. Your companion will just assume you’ve received a message, and you have: to flash a fake smile and leave.

Body Fat Calculator

It’s time to take the guesswork out of your competition. Between shape wear, cosmetic procedures and baggy clothing, it can be tricky to know a person’s true body mass index. Is she a stunning valkyrie or just a couch potato? Does he own any abs under that giant polo shirt? The Body Fat Calculator uses ultrasound to detect and analyze body mass. Muscle and bone are denser than fat, so the app can provide a fairly accurate answer on its discreet display. You can also assign ringtones to BMI ranges and listen to the mash-up as you drive to the gym.

The app will likely need to make use of an external sensor that can be plugged into the headphone jack. Apple, are you listening?

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Relationship Buster

relationship buster app
Relax, we’re not talking about your relationship; that’s none of anyone's business. The Relationship Buster app can predict whether the upstairs couple who argues all night will stay together and cause you to move. The app can validate that your buddy’s new girlfriend is a player even as she cleverly monopolizes all of his time. The secret lies in the fact that mammals are individually hardwired to prefer certain mates and to want to behave in certain ways. Much of this romantic code lies in the pheromones that we all give off, and the app can decipher the signals.

The next time someone special buys you a fragrance, think twice about wearing it. It could be the sensor for the new Relationship Buster app.

The Perfect Gift

Never again wonder what to buy for your sweetheart or Great Uncle Charlie. Simply feed the app the gift recipient’s photo or name and birth date, and The Perfect Gift combs the Internet for every datum and likeness. Its proprietary Gift Algorithm chomps the information, develops a psychological and personal profile, and returns several appropriate gift choices in a range of prices and categories. All you have to do is make sure that the recipient doesn’t already have the item. Yes, there’s a Probability Calculator for that.

If these apps sound like something only the "Seinfeld" gang could love, keep in mind that it was the number-one TV show of all time.

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