By default, Google is having a white background which is quite monotonous. But now, you can change the background image of the Google homepage in few simple steps. It is good for a change and a new look.

To change the background image of the Google homepage, just follow the steps given below.

HOW TO : Change the Google Homepage Background Image

1. Go to the Google homepage.

2. Scroll down and you will find the option of "Change background image" on the extreme left. Click on that link.

3. Now a popup window will appear and will ask you to select the background image for your Google homepage.

4. You can select a new background image from the Public Gallery provided by Google or from your Picasa gallery. The only thing you have to keep in mind that the selected image from your Picasa gallery must be at least 800x600 pixels in size.

5. After selecting the image, click on the "Select" button. You will be directed to the Google hompage where you can see the new background image. If you want to change the image again then, follow the same steps.