There are some situations in which you would like to change the audio of a video file with some other audio, specially if you love to upload videos on YouTube or other social media sites. YouTube allows to swap the audio of the video with some other music and songs available in the YouTube audio library. But it does not let you swap the audio of the video with any audio of your choice.

Windows Live Movie Maker is a Windows utility which let you edit and make a video on your Windows computer. And you can also use it to swap the audio of the video files. It does not provide any such option directly but you can get the desired result by following few simple steps.

Have a look on the instructions given below or watch the video tutorial about how you can swap the audio of video files using the Windows Live Movie Maker.

HOW TO : Swap or Replace Audio of Video Files

1. Open the video file in the Windows Live Movie Maker .

2. Click on the Edit or Video Tools tab on the toolbar.

3. Now, click on the Video Volume and set it to the lowest. This will remove all the audio from your video. You can use it to totally remove the audio from a video file.

4. Go to the Home tab and click on the Add Music option.

5. You will get two options Add Music and Add Music At The Current Point. Use the first option to give a new audio to the entire video or select the second one if you want to start the audio at some specific point in the video. For the second option , you will have to select the exact video frame which you can do using the playbar below the video.

6. Now, browse and the select the audio file of your choice to put in the video.

7. Save the entire project to work on it later or just save the edited video by clicking on the Save Movie option.